Oh, hello. My name is Grace. Thanks for stopping by.

This blog has been a living breathing part of who I am, since 2008. The name, I admit, is silly. It came randomly after jokingly acknowledging my small hands (they really are) and the way I’m constantly scheming with new ideas for, well, everything. I honestly thought just my mom would read my blog. Little did I know…GraceInPDX

This blog has lead to one of my first jobs, business opportunities, freelance writing, so many close friends, being featured on Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women and Top 10 Millenial Women and really, just opened me up to the online world. At this point, it’s essentially the road that began it all.

I work in the tech, startup world as Director of Customer Success at Kapost, in Boulder, Colorado.

I have a serious hankering for food and really the entire process that brings us together, no matter where we’re from or our traditions – it binds us.

To keep that love going, I have a food blog: Grace(full) Plate. It brings me so much joy. Go on over, say hello, drool, peep restaurant reviews, learn about food news, or find a recipe. I run Boulder Food News and am the Boulder features writer for Eater Denver and Boulder Weekly.

I’m a dreamer and someone who never goes a day without laughing. I like making people laugh and experiencing the belly clutching kind of laughter that produces tears it’s so good. I’m open, nothing is weird to me, baby, let your freak flag fly.

I’m irreverent, but would never maliciously want to hurt anyone, I’m mostly loveable mush with some good Italian ‘tude. I have my dual-citizenship with Italy (Italian/Irish, whatup), I love to travel, meet new people and explore. My yoga mat is one of the most comfortable happy places for me, but I’m also found getting my ass kicked at Crossfit, hiking any mountain to see over the entire world, or frolicking on a beach.

You can probably find me with my friends, hopping on a plane for some traveling, glass of rosé in hand, happy-houring and (lovingly) making fun of those I care about most.

G collage 2013

I believe that life is bliss and that most of life happens over a table, with good food and loved ones.

You can learn a little bit about all the places I’ve been online and off below:

Press: Check this out to see where Small Hands, Big Ideas has been featured.

Best Of: You can also check out the Best Of posts to-date to get rolling.

Guest Posts: The rest of my guest post and writing contribution across the web are housed here.

Or, GraceBoyle.com for all the all the rest.


Artwork: My friends are bad-ass. Doni is the photographer of my header picture, Kate designed the header and Andi designed my buttons in my sidebar.

Disclaimer/Privacy Policy: Let’s be legal and official. This is my personal blog, thus the views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not that of my employer.

  • http://www.perfectlyturbulent.com Michael

    i don't know what I like more, your writing, your creativity, your mention of your italian family, your dimples, or your smile.

    all the best with your blog, career, and your adventures in responsible hedonism.

    ci vediamo.

  • http://twitter.com/FPBranding Bill Burdin

    Grace I'm impressed with proactive and positive approach to your life, career and web presence. Good stuff all round.