Hey there. Thanks for being here.

My name is Grace. I’m a relationship creator, adventurer, foodie, and community-driven gal living on the beautiful front range of Colorado, just outside of Boulder.

I’ve had this blog since 2008. I started it thinking my mom would be my only follower. I was working in online publishing at a blog ad network, so I was living and breathing the blogging world on both sides. Blogging has led to many deep friendships, events, features, press, and opportunity. I couldn’t have even imagined. Although now, I may not write as regularly, these spaces still exist and I’m appreciative.

Currently, I’m the Senior Director of Business Innovation at the National Restaurant Association, where we promote entrepreneurship and hospitality, and empower all restaurant owners to achieve even more success than they thought possible. I spend time understanding food/restaurant technology and ensuring our restaurant operator members know what the future looks like.

By night I run this blog and my food blog, Grace(full) Plate), and I manage Boulder Food News. I’ve been featured in Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women, New York Magazine, Westword’s Best Food Blog and as a continued resource and featured thought leader for women in technology.

When I’m not hustling at work you can find me on my yoga mat, snowboarding the Rockies, hiking, laughing, cooking, happy hour-ing, reading, fly fishing, traveling, or exploring with my boyfriend and our two dogs. I believe in laughter and following your bliss.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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