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Seven Year Blog Anniversary and My Move to Boulder

It seems as if I’ve blinked, and seven years later here we are. Space and time is relative, yet so concrete when you step back from the trek up the mountain, and look at how far you’ve come; how high … Continue reading

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Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

“What’s worth doing, even if I fail?” This is the question Elizabeth Gilbert asks Brene Brown, on her latest Magic Lessons podcast. These two women in a podcast together create enough inspiration for me, but the focus in this podcast … Continue reading

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An incredible customer experience: Southwest

Since 2011, I’ve come to love flying Southwest Airlines because of the good fares, their friendliness and lack of stuffiness, no hidden fees, and their ease of changing flights. Things change at a drop of the hat here at work … Continue reading

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The Efficient Traveler

I love to travel. I travel for work, and I’ve always lived far from home, so a plane ride away to friends and family is common. I’m big on experiential gifts, so I would way rather have an experience or … Continue reading

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What you learn from 30 days of no booze, sugar, gluten, or dairy

On January 12th, I embarked on a 30 day food challenge. It was pretty strict. At a high level, I couldn’t have: Gluten/Wheat Dairy Booze Sugar That eliminates a lot of things we enjoy in our daily consumption of food. … Continue reading

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Podcast Love: Call Your Girlfriend

My roommate and dear friend Anne told me about Call Your Girlfriend – a “podcast for long distance besties everywhere” and I cannot get enough of it. In their own words: Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for all the … Continue reading

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10 Truths My Mom Taught Me

My mom’s birthday is in April. It’s also on Earth Day – which for her, is perfect. She’s a matriarchal mother nature of sorts, and is an avid gardener. Then with Mother’s Day just past us, she’s been on my … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway: Uprising – A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter

Women used to be viewed as victors of poverty and illiteracy, of violence and seemingly unbreakable cultural traditions. Dont’a Hightower – Alabama Crimson Tide Melanie Verveer, the U.S. scarpe adidas italia ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues says, “Promoting the status … Continue reading

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