2011 Milestones: Another Year, My Friends

This will be my last post of the year.

I think I just decided that.

I pride myself on posting with frequency, holding myself accountable, finding joy in content, this community and always posting Friday Linky Love.

But this time of year is precious.

We wind up the last 12 months tightly with a bow, look back, give big hugs to our family and friends and hopefully, we take time off from whatever occupies us daily to unwind and be with our kin.

In fact, I’m already home on the first leg of my holiday happy trip.

As I quietly drop off online for a few weeks, I wanted to do my own looking back here on the blog and my year. I think looking back (not lamenting) but celebrating and learning is an important step. It changes the pace and allows us to say, “Oh right, I did do that,” or “Shit, I’ll try again next year.”

Some facts: The most widely read city? New York City, followed by Boulder. I’m amazed that 80% of visitors were new this year. It’s fun to think there’s a new crew stumbling here. It’s fun to think 100,000 new visitors came to the blog this year. That’s nuts.

Most popular posts (to-date):

MY Favorite Posts of 2011:

General Milestones:

After three years at a job I loved, with people I loved I took a leap and got a new job in June. It was a straight upward trajectory personally and professionally. I love it. I’m challenged everyday and I laugh usually, all day long there.

This was the first full year of my food blog: Grace(full) Plate which included my first year of running and maintaining, two blogs. I can’t believe I did it. Here’s to another year.

I did go to Vegas for Bloggers In Sin City, taking those blogging loves to the real life. adidas ultra boost uncaged uomo I cherish what blogging has brought me.

Also traveled to: Santa Barbara, Boston/Worcester (twice), San Diego, Iowa (twice), Cleveland, West Virginia, and many mountain trips.

Someone pretended to be me on Twitter. That was cool/weird.

This has been a beautiful year. I feel like the blog is truly mine after three years of running along. I respect the lulls, dips and highs and I also know that this is my refuge and place to share. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for supporting and thank you for just being here.

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