One-Year Anniversary of Small Hands, Big Ideas and My Move to Boulder

I’m excited to announce that one year ago on August 15th (actually tomorrow), I packed up my Honda Accord drove West on I-80 and moved to Boulder, Colorado. I started this blog three days later so this time means a lot to me.

My life has changed immensely in one year. I never could have foreseen the change and surprises in store.

I want to take you on a journey, back in time where some of you may have missed the first posts I jumped into, finding my first post-college job, being alone in a new city I just decided to move to, the new friends I made, the friends I’ve lost, heartache, moving twice, feeling alone, the mistakes and the growth. I’ve peppered this post with some of my favorite old and newer posts, while also highlighting some specific milestones.

The Beginning:

My first post. I like to jump right in. I didn’t even introduce myself! I presumed my mother would be the only one reading it and I could update friends with my new life. Oh sweet ignorance.


The very car ride that led me to Boulder-August 15th, 2008

I watched history unfold as I worked the Democratic National Convention (scraping by for any side jobs in the beginning) where I saw the likes of Oprah, Kanye West and Eva Longoria and heard speeches by Bill and Hilary Clinton, Governor Bill Richardson, and of course, Obama’s infamous acceptance speech at Invesco Field where time seemed to stop and the world lit on fire.

The Job:

My current job doing Business Development for Lijit, that I started September 15, 2008 was directly due to the immense amount of networking I did when I arrived and because of my blog.

Growing The Blog, Growing Online Community:

In January, February and March of the new year I began to realize that amount of time I spent online at work with blogs proved that I was gaining invested interest in this space. I started to blog less about my new house I just began renting and more about my thoughts, insights, and then connecting with people who are still my friends to this day.

I received my first blog shout out from (then new) friend, Rebecca Thorman of Modite as one of the Top 8 Under Appreciated Blogs by Gen Y Women. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I sent it to my mother and even my best friends. My blog, really? I’m under appreciated, but it means someone appreciates it. I’m admitting my dorkiness but thanks Rebecca, for paving the way and naturally pushing me to tap into my potential.

What Inspires You Series, March-April 2009:

I was inspired to reach out and host my first guest-blogging series about what inspires us as Gen Y men and women. You can read them all here. This is where many of my now, strong online friendships/connections began. The interaction and writing was amazing and soon after, I was asked to participate in a few more powerful series, The Inconvenience of Change and The Appreciation Revolution.

Interviews, Guest Posts and Press:

Success isn’t through awards or pageviews the success I’m measuring are the new friendships, starting Friday Linky Love in February to give back to fellow bloggers each week, my photo-a-day-project and migrating my blog to WordPress/self hosting in May. However, the awards have been fulfilling and interesting, especially since I thought this blog was going to be for my family.

Here are a few places I was featured in over the year…I’m still honored, I’m still grateful. Thank you:

Steal This Job Blog: Smart, savvy start-up business developer, Online College Degree: 100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs, Viralogy-Awesome Revolution: Grace Boyle-Small Hands and Huge Ideas! (Video), Ophelias Webb: BlogCrush-Grace Boyle, Elephant Journal: A Personal Journey Synchronizing Environmentalism and Technology, Ryan Stephens Marketing: Voted #2, in Top Ten Gen Y Blogs: June 2009 and August 2009

A Few of my Favorite Posts:

New Discoveries, Connections, and Friends September 08

Customer Service Goes a Long Way February 09

The Debate: Location VS. Career April 09

Laughing Out Loud, Does the Body Good March 09

The “I Can Do Anything,” Freedom In Your 20’s, Are You Always Plugged In? May 09

Trust In Something, Internships Are Necessary, Even if They’re Unpaid, Adversity is Gilded With Hope June 09

Recent Lessons Learned At My First Startup, Steering Clear of Safe July 09

Women: Learn to Understand Your Emotions In the Workplace August 09

So there’s the digital wrap up for the year. I’m grateful for each of the readers, subscribers and each friend I’ve met along the way through my blog because not only do I learn from each of you, but I also am able to appreciate where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s because of you. {Insert cheesy grin and thumbs up here} No really, it’s hard to express in words, so I will just stop. I think you get the picture…

Thanks for hopping along for the ride, if you’ve been reading for five months or five days I’m grateful and completely humbled. Cheers to many more years!


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