Accountability: Showing Up To Blog

I have this thing that when I start something, I feel accountable to continue it and not give up…until given reason. Blogging has become one of those accountable pieces in my life.

Blogging feels good. I enjoy it, I learn from it and always am discovering something new from other bloggers. There is one piece of blogging publicly that interests me, and that’s: accountability.

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Ever been stood up on a date? Ever had a friend say they were meeting you for coffee, but they never showed? Not a good feeling.

People may read a blog for years or maybe only for a week, but if they like what they read, they’re going to come back. As a reader, we might develop a relationship with the blogger or draw inspiration and knowledge from their thoughts.

What happens when they don’t show up to blog?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bummed.

Personally, I feel this innate sense of accountability to blog. I’m not obligated (if I was, I would stop blogging, obligation isn’t fun) but I do feel like it’s on my weekly, current to-do list and I like that.

I put effort into blogging and I’ve met numerous friends and deep relationships through blogging. I’ve learned from bloggers and blogging. I’ve argued, agreed, gained knowledge, laughed and cried into my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m busy, but when I receive e-mails and letters from readers I remember, it’s now not only my mom reading my blog and that humbles me so I naturally, want to keep going and keep learning.

To clarify, I’m not writing for others. I am writing for myself, but just like the annoying girl at the cocktail party who only talks about herself, doesn’t listen, doesn’t ask anything about you or give anything in return – who likes a blogger who dips out, doesn’t listen or doesn’t give back?

I understand personal issues, deciding it’s time to stop blogging and/or generally feeling frustrated with blogging – then stop. I’m sure there will be a time when my priorities are rearranged and I will stop blogging. I’ve gone through many waves where I wonder, “Should I stop blogging?” Or, “I don’t feel moved, I don’t feel like blogging.” There are days when I even feel like I want a blog post to appear, poof, but the page is empty, the cursor blinking at me. Maybe the struggle keeps me going. Undoubtedly, that will come and go and maybe someday, I will stop altogether. Who knows.

In (close to) two years of blogging, I’ve somehow conjured up 2-3 posts a week on average. I’m not sure if I can keep that up forever, but I’ve settled into a rhythm. For example, since I started Friday Linky Love, over a year and a half ago I haven’t missed one. When I go out of town, it’s usually on a Friday, so I make sure to write and schedule the post in advance. I feel this strong desire to keep giving back to the bloggers and authors that I feature and it has become a tradition, one that I do not want to break.

We all blog in our own way – that is what makes writing individualistic and interesting. It is all of our choices, our writing and our blogs, but if you’re in it now, be in it, stay in it. Show up to blog, be accountable and feel good about what you’re writing. Furthermore, if you don’t feel good about it or aren’t having fun, why bother?

So for me, I created my blog and until the day I stop enjoying it, I will keep showing up.

What about you? How do you choose to blog? What works for you? Do you feel obligated to blog? Do you not care about how often you blog? How has it changed for you overtime?

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