How Did You Begin Blogging?

My first ever video appearance on the blog. Taking it for a whirl and what better way to start than with a question and a story.

I talk and meet with so many people who are afraid to begin blogging. I say, “If you want to cross the river, you’re going to have to get wet.” Most likely as you change and grow, your blog will too. You learn and make mistakes as you go along. My first blog post was spontaneous (I jumped right in that river, feet first, without knowing how deep it was) and I didn’t even introduce myself. Go ahead and laugh, my entire first month of blogging was personal and only talked about what I was doing and my new move. Dork.

How did you begin blogging? Look back at your first blog post (share it here in the comments if you’re comfortable): Was it calculated? Did you explain and introduce yourself? Did you jump right in? Did you do a lot of research before you made your blog live? What is your blog like now? Is it the same content and idea you had originally or has it evolved?

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