Lacking a Life List

I consider myself to be motivated, goal-oriented and driven.

It’s less about trying and more about my moral fiber – it’s just who I really am. For example, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college, but I don’t quite remember ‘slaving’ away or struggling in college to obtain it. There are certain things that come naturally to some people.

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Many friends and fellow bloggers have life lists. They post them on their blog to hold themselves accountable and share. It’s brilliant, really. I feel invested (even if they aren’t my friends) to understand what they’ve accomplished, what they’re struggling with and when they can officially check one off the list.

I don’t have a life (bucket) list.

I’m all motivated, I push myself everyday, I do a lot (usually too much), and I have a vision (many actually) – but I don’t have an official list – not even on a scrap of paper, not in one of my many journals, not here on my blog. I started thinking about this and wondered if I should have one and even further, why don’t I have one?

Without that outline, or reaching for the stars, does that mean I don’t?

I’m a Pisces. My path wanders, my head is in the clouds and structure or planning don’t really align with me. I started thinking, is this because my life list may change so drastically day-to-day? Not to mention, my visions and goals sit nicely in my head. I’m acutely aware when I say, “I can’t believe I’m finally here, I’ve always waited for this, or “I finally made it to X city!” I make things happen, but there’s no formality to it.

Doni states on her life list:

This list will surely evolve, growing and changing as I move forward.  And that’s fine.  (It took me awhile to realize that this list was not static, not concrete, but dynamic and energetic (just like me!).

Fair enough. Grace, this is your life list. You can make it whatever the hell you want. There are no rules, silly!

Wait, what if I do not accomplish one of them? That, makes me ashamed to even think about. It might be a little bit of fear.

Then again, I’ve been a proponent of lists (I make them everyday) and my mother taught me to write my Blue Sky List: all the things you wish to obtain (reach for the sky, hence the name). The intention of thought and putting it down and stating what I want from ALL of life is real and something I deeply believe in.

Fast forward from starting this post, to ending it right about now…

…I NOW have a life (bucket) list

I might add it to the blog soon. Now it’s a growing, changing list on Google Docs. Let me know what you think. Hint: check this out and Jenny Blake’s Life List Template for inspiration. I also printed this out and look at it each day. It gets me excited when I have something to add or check off.

And while you’re at it, do you have a life list? If so, share! If not, why not?

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