Lucky Duck

Note: Let’s dust off the ol’ blog, shall we? For the first time in 3+ years on this blog, I haven’t quite found the words (mostly it’s lack of time) to contribute here. Two weeks may not seem like much, but this has been my place, my little nook consistently for years. asics gel lyte 3 mujer blancas This means life is fulfilled and work is keeping me incredibly engaged, which is great.

To spice up my writing ju-ju, I purchased my good friend Doniree’s 52 Weeks of Blogging: Prompts, Tips, and Resources. I just received the first one tonight and I already know I’m going to love it. asics sneakers online store Doni is so smart. Maglie Portland Trail Blazers She also keeps it fun and light. Whether you’re new to blogging or if you’re like me and want a new avenue to go down, I encourage you check them out. Click here for more details or purchase the prompts!*


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  • Stacking up all the bad things that happen to you, and bemoaning, “It’s just my luck,” is crap. hollister pas cher I don’t think you’re born with a *poof* magic spree of luck or lack thereof.

    We create our own opportunities, visions and life.

    It’s incredible, how much we can actually affect or create change.

    I like referring to Dr. Masuro Emoto, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and graduate of Yokohama Municipal University and the Open International University whose photographs of water crystals were first featured in his book, Messages from Water.

    My point, is that a simple thought can reroute what we actively choose to do in life. Dr. Emoto showed that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. He created different prompts through written and spoken words and music to water, and watched the water change its “expression” each time.

    For instance, the words “you make me sick,” produced a convoluted almost angry looking water impression.

    While “love and gratitude” produced a beautiful, symmetrical crystal.

    The point here?

    Half of the earth is made up of water and our body is three-quarters water.

  • Those negative thoughts, literally create a cringe within and allow you to put your entire being on negativity. Although more subtle, what benefit do you think that brings? If you talk about your bad luck and how bad things always happen to you, I bet they will keep on that way.

    All esoteric aside, sometimes I murmur when something amazing happens to me that sweeps me off my feet, “I am so lucky and grateful.” I attribute luck to be something positive, but I use that word in place of happy or joyful and it’s essentially the same thing.

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  • We all have a right and entitlement to that happiness and joy. So if you feel lucky, keep riding that way. It’s a good one.

    This is my belief on luck. What do you think?

    *I am an affiliate of Doniree’s Writing Prompts.

  • I bought these prompts on my own accord and after reading the first prompt, and loving what she’s doing, became an affiliate.

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