So, I Have a New Job

Per my announcement on Friday, after my two weeks had been given and it was my last day at Lijit, this week I started my new job at Kapost as the Director of Marketing and Sales.

I’ll rewind to my first day at Kapost, after Memorial Day on Tuesday, where I woke up like any other morning but felt something renewed. I wasn’t nervous and I felt simply…ready. Like it was just aligned and time for the change and challenge.

Kapost is a startup as is Lijit, but Lijit was more grown up. I had joined Lijit three years ago when there wasn’t a team for pure Publisher Development and growing our network. Now, there are over 15 people on that team (that I helped to hire and train) and we had grown our community by 300%.

This time around, I’m starting as the first person who is devoting energy completely to marketing and sales at Kapost.

I’m starting from the beginning. I have a piece of clay, and the new small team I’m so happy to be part of, all have quite the molding capability with that clay.

It’s exciting. It’s challenging. It’s rewarding. It’s filled with energy. Both my parents are entrepreneurs, so to sit side by side (all around one table) with the co-founders and developers at Kapost, let’s you feel and touch every part of the business. We’re all accountable and involved.

I love working with and talking to online publishers. I love the power of community (I’m beginning to cultivate that now at Kapost). I love being brought in to build something, grow something, organize and then execute. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing and the first day on the job, I hit the ground running. Seriously.

Not to mention, learning the exciting Kapost online newsroom dashboard we build for online publishers to help them manage and organize multiple contributors from the pre-production (pitching posts, approving posts, organizing writers tasks), to posting directly to your site (we integrate on any major CMS), to post-production of performance metrics by each contributor and even payment.

It’s fun. I’m all fired up and love that I’m still involved in the wonderful startup scene here in Boulder, not to mention, this startup, with the crew I’m rolling with. Word. Here’s to change, business, innovation and of course, FUN.

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