This Beautiful, Cyclical Life

Do you ever have an experience where it’s mid-day and some sort of a realization hits you? Your eyes flutter open and the experience is surreal.

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Last week I was sitting at my desk working away when I received an e-mail from someone I didn’t recognize, subject line: “new to Boulder” – so I opened it.

It was from a woman who just moved to Boulder and a mutual friend of ours said I was someone she just HAD to meet in Boulder.

This is when my eyes fluttered open and I felt like in a fast rewind mode, the last two years of my life here flashed before me.

I realized, the same mutual friend who said I was now someone people who move to Boulder should meet was who I met, when I moved here and knew absolutely no one. He graciously connected me, put me in touch with founders, CEO’s and VP’s. He is the seed that started me into the office here, at my current job.

Oh, the webs we weave. How life has changed. At this rate, after being here two years, on average I meet with someone who is new to Boulder about once a week. I love it and couldn’t be happier about giving back.

At this moment, I smiled to myself. I might have even blushed and felt the warm rush up my cheeks.

I told the women who e-mail me the same story and said I would love to meet her and learn more about her web startup she’s running.

It’s simple really. The change we can affect. The people we can help along the way. The places we come from. The progress we make. It’s so incredible and really, cyclical.

Do you ever realize how you got from A TO B? The stepping stones in between? Have you ever felt this?

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