Yesterday was my birthday.

There has been a tradition that my mom likes to joke about, in which, every year on my birthday I cry. Every since I was probably 5. It’s usually happy tears, sometimes overwhelmed tears, sometimes frustrated tears and sometimes nostalgic tears.

I always try to bite off more than I can chew. I consider my birthday the beginning of a new year. I set goals, I look back and reflect and I look forward to what I want to create.

But guess what? On my birthday this year, I didn’t cry. I let my friends take the reins with planning and organizing, something I typically do and worry if everyone is enjoying themselves. I was relaxed all day for the party, there was bubbly, delicious food and lots of laughter.

Here are some highlights from the last year:

  • I am saying no more often. It is best for everyone involved and allows me to give fully, when I’m truly able.
  • I started a new job in May of last year. I’m still here. I’m still loving it. I am behind my decision and career “jump” and love being part of a startup that is growing and evolving. I’m able to create and affect so much change and forward movement.
  • This past year I’ve been lucky to have family move here. As someone who has always moved and like the “reset” button, I haven’t lived near family for most of my life (except my immediate family when growing up). I have two cousins here and for a semester, my brother was nearby in Denver. It has shifted for me each year, loving having that community nearby and there is nothing quite like family.
  • I took my first break of non-blogging (for about two weeks) near the holidays at the end of 2011. For three years, I blogged with regularity every week. When I was writing that post, it just popped in my head that I wanted to unplug. It was a simple decision. With life, you change. I still adore blogging and writing. I still greatly respect this community and space, I just find that sometimes I’m blogging less. And instead of feeling guilty, I feel good and understand it’s where I am right now.
  • I’m still in love. I’m still in a partnership that started from afar (ahem blogging) and it will soon be two years that we’ve been together.
  • I have found a newfound love in Grace(full) Plate, my food blog. It was started in October of 2010 and it has opened up a whole new world for me, reminding me that my jobby (job + hobby) of food culture, is one that is fulfilling. I have new goals for Grace(full) Plate and one is already being fulfilled, being flown to a vineyard with a group of journalists in food to cover wine in Colorado.
  • On top of my full-time job, I found consulting gigs kept coming to me. I made a nice little chunk of extra dough in 2011 just from consulting. I had less time, but I learned a lot and figured out what I would continue doing, and certain consulting I don’t prefer to do. It keeps me on my toes. We’ll see if 2012 persists that.
  • I started investing. Yikes. I feel like an adult. Mutual funds, what?
  • I’ve also learned that I have a lower tolerance for negativity in people around me (strangers or not). I used to brush it off, I used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but now, I will not allow it. It benefits no one and we are here to enjoy.

I had an incredible birthday week. I felt love from around the world from friends and family, and my heart is literally swelling with joy. Thank you to everyone!

Much love,


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