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Podcast Love: Call Your Girlfriend

My roommate and dear friend Anne told me about Call Your Girlfriend – a “podcast for long distance besties everywhere” and I cannot get enough of it. In their own words: Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for all the … Continue reading

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General (Business) Etiquette

These are just a few random rumblings that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now. I know we all have different values and needs, but I find it somewhat outlandish when people just “assume” all the above and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How and Where to Begin Your First Startup Via Jun Loayza

Note: Jun has been a longtime blogging friend (we’ve even met in real life at BlogWorld before). nike air max pas cher While we were recently chatting, I asked him to contribute his thoughts on how to start a company … Continue reading

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I love being in a world where your network of skilled and brilliant friends, become relevant and necessary. I find more and more, having the plethora of skills in your back-pocket and outsourcing to people you like and trust, is … Continue reading

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Tools, Applications, Startups, Goodness

I tag things on Delicious like it’s my job (please oh please, stay around Delicious). One of my favorite tags are the online, fill-a-need, tools that I discover (and usually use). As a startup chica myself, I want to share … Continue reading

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9 Seconds

9 seconds. That’s how short our attention spans are. The culprit is largely due to the web. Our attention spans used to be 20 minutes long, yet, over generations a study from BBC shows it has dramatically shortened. We want … Continue reading

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Life After College from Jenny Blake (and Book Giveaway)

I looked back in my e-mail archive to find the first e-mail interaction Miss Jenny Blake and I had. The first e-mail was in 2009 (even though I’ve known her since 2008). I e-mailed and privately shared with her, my … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Truly Miss An Opportunity?

I have this school of thought that there are no missed opportunities. As in, where you are now, is where you’ve been led and there’s something to gain, something to learn, something to process with the current and the next … Continue reading

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