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The Thing About Mistakes

Mistakes happen. In the startup world, mentors will say they don’t trust an entrepreneur who hasn’t failed or hasn’t actively learned from their mistakes. It puts hair on your chest. I cringe thinking of the mistakes I’ve made. Sometimes the … Continue reading

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Building Your Career Network

I have a close relationship with my Alma Mater and told our Alumni Relations to please send any student my way if they were curious about blogging + social media and/or if they are moving to Colorado as I am … Continue reading

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A lot of what I’ve written about here in the last three years have been related to career and the journey is takes you on, especially as Gen Y where we go through more jobs in 5-10 years than our … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How and Where to Begin Your First Startup Via Jun Loayza

Note: Jun has been a longtime blogging friend (we’ve even met in real life at BlogWorld before). nike air max pas cher While we were recently chatting, I asked him to contribute his thoughts on how to start a company … Continue reading

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The Hard Sell

I was 15. I sat at a mahogany desk, holding the phone in my quivering hand. On the other line was an International customer, interested in buying gemstones.As in rubies and diamonds, gemstones. I remember the words flowed out of … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For

Post-college, my professional career has been with startups. Some of the pieces that come with working at a startup include: limited budget, wearing many hats, moving swiftly/not being calcified, experimenting, trying different resources until one sticks and working, hard and … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my birthday. There has been a tradition that my mom likes to joke about, in which, every year on my birthday I cry. Every since I was probably 5. It’s usually happy tears, sometimes overwhelmed tears, sometimes frustrated … Continue reading

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I love being in a world where your network of skilled and brilliant friends, become relevant and necessary. I find more and more, having the plethora of skills in your back-pocket and outsourcing to people you like and trust, is … Continue reading

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