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Podcast Love: Call Your Girlfriend

My roommate and dear friend Anne told me about Call Your Girlfriend – a “podcast for long distance besties everywhere” and I cannot get enough of it. In their own words: Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for all the … Continue reading

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Tools, Applications, Startups, Goodness

I tag things on Delicious like it’s my job (please oh please, stay around Delicious). One of my favorite tags are the online, fill-a-need, tools that I discover (and usually use). As a startup chica myself, I want to share … Continue reading

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Communication In the Digital Age – Lost in Translation

I remember it used to always be face-to-face. If not face-to-face, a phone call, a house phone…with a cord in the wall. Today: important, hearty, deep, intense information is relayed online or electronically. Subsequently, much of our communication is lost … Continue reading

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Networking Awesomely – Colin Wright’s Stellar eBook

My friends call me PR (yes, short for Public Relations). Sometimes they call me ‘P’ for short, but my nickname is PR. This might give you a little peek into my love of connections, networking and people. When Colin, the … Continue reading

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Are You Always Plugged In?

This blog post came about because I just got back from the beach. A much-needed vacation, with some of my best girlfriends. Before I left, my co-worker dared me to completely unplug and to not open a computer the entire … Continue reading

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