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Life After College from Jenny Blake (and Book Giveaway)

I looked back in my e-mail archive to find the first e-mail interaction Miss Jenny Blake and I had. The first e-mail was in 2009 (even though I’ve known her since 2008). I e-mailed and privately shared with her, my … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence In Hiring

A few weeks ago I posted a small paragraph on Small Hands, Big Ideas’ Facebook wall: A lot of people “liked” the post and I realized that my random rambling resonated with me beyond this paragraph. I’ll keep this simple … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Truth From Dad

I love my dad (Mom & David, love you too). I’ve written about Dad before and he has even guest posted here. I feel privileged to have created a platform, where I can share my ideas and have family members … Continue reading

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Interview with Kim Walker, Co-Founder and President of Outdoor Divas

Lined along Pearl Street’s brick pedestrian walkway in Boulder, Colorado are local shops, boutiques, spas, restaurants and bars. It’s my favorite spot to people watch and shop. Along Pearl Street sits Outdoor Divas, an outdoor apparel and hard-goods store focused … Continue reading

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Let’s Spark and Hustle! (Plus, a gift for readers)

With Small Hand, Big Ideas’ continually being featured as a top blog for entrepreneurs (let’s be clear, I am not an entrepreneur…yet, but hey, I’ll take it) I love to continually talk about tools for entrepreneurs and evoking the entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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I Like People

When people ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Or “What do you want or like to do?” I can’t give a straight answer. I mean, I don’t even know what I’m going to have … Continue reading

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Parenting Balancing Act: Your Children Are Entrenched In Your Business

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs. Growing up, my mom had her office in the house while my dad seemed to have a suitcase permanently attached to his hand, rolling in or out the front door. He built and runs … Continue reading

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Distraction: A Factor in Career Success

I work on the Internet. I work with sites like this and this. Talk about distractions. Not to mention, I’m an ENFP who starts many projects and sometimes has problems following through or finishing them. When I read Jason Fried’s … Continue reading

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