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Forbes: Top 100 Websites For Women 2012

On Wednesday, I saw a tweet from Forbes congratulating me for making their Top 100 Websites for Women list. I blinked. Then laughed. Wait, what? Small Hands, Big Ideas: Grace Boyle has written from the minority perspective of a 20-something … Continue reading

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eBook Release: What I Know About Getting A Job

I’ve been a member of Brazen Careerist (since January 2009 to be exact) for some time now – I’ve seen it go through many transitions, updates and releases. I totally support the network, the community and know many people who … Continue reading

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Interview With Maria Ross – Author of Branding Basics For Small Business

Note From Grace: Recently, Maria Ross contacted me about reviewing her book, Branding Basics for Small Business. I don’t regularly review books (I’m a total book geek) but I was intrigued by her personal touch, her background in Ladies Who … Continue reading

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Networking Awesomely – Colin Wright’s Stellar eBook

My friends call me PR (yes, short for Public Relations). Sometimes they call me ‘P’ for short, but my nickname is PR. This might give you a little peek into my love of connections, networking and people. When Colin, the … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

We can never practice enough gratitude. It’s an act of grace that propels us forward in life and weaves thankfulness into our everyday (sometimes habitual) lives. Photo Credit Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m grateful for so much. So much. This … Continue reading

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Brazen Careerist Gets A ‘Facelift’

I have to come to love the online community and network, Brazen Careerist the “career management tool for next-generation professionals.” I have spent each day contributing and reading my peers’ writing and thoughts over the past 4-5 months. I discover … Continue reading

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I Want to Hug

It’s like Alice is my friend. She has a great personality. She helps me shop, she’s organized, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house and all my favorite household products are delivered to my doorstep. Did I … Continue reading

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Luis Filipe dos Santos-Ink Blot Illustration Artist

Art and design inspire me (I’m on an inspirational kick) so whenever I stumble across an artist that blows me away, I get giddy, wide-eyed and then know I want to feature their work. Luis Filipe dos Santos, an artist … Continue reading

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