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9 Seconds

9 seconds. That’s how short our attention spans are. The culprit is largely due to the web. Our attention spans used to be 20 minutes long, yet, over generations a study from BBC shows it has dramatically shortened. We want … Continue reading

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Life After College from Jenny Blake (and Book Giveaway)

I looked back in my e-mail archive to find the first e-mail interaction Miss Jenny Blake and I had. The first e-mail was in 2009 (even though I’ve known her since 2008). I e-mailed and privately shared with her, my … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence In Hiring

A few weeks ago I posted a small paragraph on Small Hands, Big Ideas’ Facebook wall: A lot of people “liked” the post and I realized that my random rambling resonated with me beyond this paragraph. I’ll keep this simple … Continue reading

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The Unconventional Guide to Finding Your College

To this day, I still remain close with much of the faculty and professors at my Alma Mater. Furthermore, I was always involved (like the good geek that I am). I was an orientation leader, Peer Mentor for First-Year Seminar … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Truth From Dad

I love my dad (Mom & David, love you too). I’ve written about Dad before and he has even guest posted here. I feel privileged to have created a platform, where I can share my ideas and have family members … Continue reading

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A Birthday Public Service Announcement

I turned 25 this past Sunday, March 13th. The day before it, on Saturday, I hosted a party over food and drinks at my place. I was going to write an insightful birthday post (which by the way, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Communication In the Digital Age – Lost in Translation

I remember it used to always be face-to-face. If not face-to-face, a phone call, a house phone…with a cord in the wall. Today: important, hearty, deep, intense information is relayed online or electronically. Subsequently, much of our communication is lost … Continue reading

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The Capacity I Own To Do, To Love, To Give

In recent conversations (and recent meltdowns), I have come to terms with my perpetually busy, involved and full life. Let me explain. I’ve written before, about the power of being down. We all have a different capacity to do/give/live and … Continue reading

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