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Health Insurance is Confusing + Giveaway

So you know these grown-up things where you have a 401k or need to choose the appropriate health insurance, it involves money, and you’re not really sure what it all means? Yeah, it can be confusing. I can tell you … Continue reading

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Women: Nurturing, Gathering and Sharing

Recently my mother (and Lynn, her close friend who ventured out here with her for the Boulder road-trip) were in town. My mother is actively involved in my life and tries to visit meĀ  frequently throughout the year – thus, … Continue reading

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Perfection At First Try

Last night in yoga class, our teacher started with a story. She received a message from a friend who expressed her fear; her fear of yoga. Her friend explained, “I’m so scared to try yoga. I can’t even touch my … Continue reading

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Participation in Sports Benefits Girls in the Longrun

I love sports. I’m competitive and feel alive when I’m active. Growing up, I probably dabbled in every activity possible from kinder-gym (gymnastics), track, snowboarding, yoga, backpacking/hiking and very seriously: horseback riding and basketball. My mom was voted most athletic … Continue reading

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Heroism Is Situational

Can you imagine leaping across your seats to thwart a terrorist attack on your flight, Christmas Day? We all wish we had the seed of heroism in us, but fear that we wouldn’t take the leap. Think again. Photo Credit … Continue reading

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Daddys and Their Daughters

“Daddy, no! I’m going to run into the prickly bush. I can’t do it,” I whimpered. I was teetering precariously on my new, pink two-wheeled bike. My dad – patient, understanding, wise yet firm walked up to me and steadied … Continue reading

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We’re Born to Help

Everyday I look at the news, I hear something tragic, tumultuous and sad. It usually has to do with someone doing something. We become jaded and then desensitized. I wonder: Can we not trust anyone? Are we as humans flawed? … Continue reading

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Sorry, You’re Too Fat To Graduate

Can you imagine that successfully completing college and receiving your diploma could be dependent on the amount of pounds you’re packing, versus your level of intelligence or grades you worked for? Some students at Lincoln University can. Lincoln University in … Continue reading

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