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30 by 30: The Lessons

I always thought 30 was super old. I couldn’t really imagine getting there either. Then as each year in my 20’s ticked upwards, it felt less elusive, and more like a decade I couldn’t wait to dive into. I recognize … Continue reading

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Your Brain On Love

Recently, I was recommended the audiobook version of Your Brain On Love by Stan Tatkin. Fjallraven Kanken Big His book Wired for Love is also (I hear) a great supplement of his work. Produced by Sounds True, the audio book … Continue reading

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Making Time for Joy

I grew up with the phrase (over and over): life is bliss. When you think of the things you’re told growing up, this isn’t bad, right? It was mundane to me though, at first. I don’t think I really knew … Continue reading

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Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

“What’s worth doing, even if I fail?” This is the question Elizabeth Gilbert asks Brene Brown, on her latest Magic Lessons podcast. These two women in a podcast together create enough inspiration for me, but the focus in this podcast … Continue reading

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What you learn from 30 days of no booze, sugar, gluten, or dairy

On January 12th, I embarked on a 30 day food challenge. It was pretty strict. At a high level, I couldn’t have: Gluten/Wheat Dairy Booze Sugar That eliminates a lot of things we enjoy in our daily consumption of food. … Continue reading

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10 Truths My Mom Taught Me

My mom’s birthday is in April. It’s also on Earth Day – which for her, is perfect. She’s a matriarchal mother nature of sorts, and is an avid gardener. Then with Mother’s Day just past us, she’s been on my … Continue reading

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Who cares why the elephant is standing on your foot? Just get him off.

So much of our time is spent talking about why we are, Fjallraven Kanken Big UK where we are. new balance bambino offerte We lament about the windy, Free Rn Flyknit Donna difficult path that led us to this exact … Continue reading

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How you walk through the fire

Oh what a month January has been. Asics Tiger damskie It has been rough. What a start to 2014. Devoid of all the draining details of why, my brain has been a pile of mush and many things in my … Continue reading

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