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Four Podcasts I’m Loving

Podcasts are growing. It seems everywhere I turn a favorite author or public figure has their own podcast. I love the medium of listening (especially while I’m driving / commuting). I’ve listed four of my favorite podcasts (of the moment) … Continue reading

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Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

“What’s worth doing, even if I fail?” This is the question Elizabeth Gilbert asks Brene Brown, on her latest Magic Lessons podcast. These two women in a podcast together create enough inspiration for me, but the focus in this podcast … Continue reading

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10 Truths My Mom Taught Me

My mom’s birthday is in April. It’s also on Earth Day – which for her, is perfect. She’s a matriarchal mother nature of sorts, and is an avid gardener. Then with Mother’s Day just past us, she’s been on my … Continue reading

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Who cares why the elephant is standing on your foot? Just get him off.

So much of our time is spent talking about why we are, Fjallraven Kanken Big UK where we are. new balance bambino offerte We lament about the windy, Free Rn Flyknit Donna difficult path that led us to this exact … Continue reading

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Women We Stand

A lot of my time is spent online. I’ve spent many years, cataloging my favorite stories I’ve run into. Canotte nba swingman As a writer myself, I’m enamored by the words of intelligent minds. Recently, I uncovered some of my … Continue reading

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Don’t Bully My Breed

I’m a big dog lover. Really, all animals. I grew up with a dog, a horse, two cats and many little “starter” pets like hamsters and turtles (not necessarily in that order or all at once). In particular with the … Continue reading

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Am I seriously a Crossfit(er)?

My whole life I have been pretty invested in athletics. I grew up being outside, to our backyard, to the gymnastics rings, to the pool, to to the basketball court, to my yoga mat, to the track, to the farm … Continue reading

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When it clicks

I’ve noticed when I’m trying to accomplish something challenging, for the time being, it seems unattainable. For me, it’s often math or numbers I’m trying to crunch for budget or goal planning at work, sometimes it’s a physical feat or … Continue reading

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