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Forbes: Top 100 Websites For Women 2012

On Wednesday, I saw a tweet from Forbes congratulating me for making their Top 100 Websites for Women list. I blinked. Then laughed. Wait, what? Small Hands, Big Ideas: Grace Boyle has written from the minority perspective of a 20-something … Continue reading

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Networking Awesomely – Colin Wright’s Stellar eBook

My friends call me PR (yes, short for Public Relations). Sometimes they call me ‘P’ for short, but my nickname is PR. This might give you a little peek into my love of connections, networking and people. When Colin, the … Continue reading

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Questions and Feedback From You, Dear Readers

Oh hello! So Small Hands, Big Ideas has been in commission since August 2008 and in these (almost two) years this blog got me my job, introduced me to so many amazing, inspiring people and has taught me so much. … Continue reading

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Happiness Is Movie Screening

Last week, I saw a tweet about Happiness Is, a documentary on yes, you guessed it, happiness. Screenings were making stops throughout the United States and Boulder was next. Since I’m usually down, I gathered some friends to see what … Continue reading

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We Volunteer the Most In a Recession

I write about giving, a lot. I always say, “Giving is living,” and I still like to believe (even though I’m jaded) that deep down, there is still goodness in people. My deep down beliefs are (surprisingly, often) verified. A … Continue reading

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Sorry, You’re Too Fat To Graduate

Can you imagine that successfully completing college and receiving your diploma could be dependent on the amount of pounds you’re packing, versus your level of intelligence or grades you worked for? Some students at Lincoln University can. Lincoln University in … Continue reading

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Changing the Way Teachers Teach To Help Students Learn

In college, I felt blessed to have teachers that walked the talk. My Public Relations professor worked as a VP at Cohn & Wolfe for years, my Small Business Management class was taught by an entrepreneur who owned a small … Continue reading

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Driving Alone To Work

Thankfully, I walk to work because I live less than five blocks away from my office. However, when I lived further away in my first house in Boulder I drove alone to work. Turns out, I’m not the only one. … Continue reading

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