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I often muse about my teenage and early college years. My choice in men wasn’t totally piss-poor, but the me-now, wouldn’t have been with the men-then. Most of the time, you aren’t developed enough mentally to truly understand what matters … Continue reading

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Matters of the heart

I’m reading “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed – an incredible account of all the dark places life can take us, and the truth and beauty, that can also meet us on the other end. I couldn’t recommend it more. … Continue reading

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Each year that I grow older, my tolerance lowers. I used to fly with the breeze and care so little about who said what or even people’s actions (toward me). I think in part, it was the process of growing … Continue reading

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Limiting Beliefs – Don’t Cling to the Suckers

One of my friends has been single for for the last few years. She never tried online dating and even amongst our suggestions and ideas, she balked at the idea. I always wondered why, because I knew it couldn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Wisdom From Kelly Cutrone

I recently read Kelly Cutrone’s, If You Have to Cry Go Outside – And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. Nike Pas Cher I devoured it and loved the empowerment. She shares her story of working from the ground … Continue reading

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Take Time Away and Clean Your Closet

As the Summer is nearing its end, I took a peaceful four days (too short, probably) back home to Iowa to see my family and friends. Iowa corn we grilled with a fresh basil and garlic schmear Whatever your “place” … Continue reading

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Communication In the Digital Age – Lost in Translation

I remember it used to always be face-to-face. If not face-to-face, a phone call, a house phone…with a cord in the wall. Today: important, hearty, deep, intense information is relayed online or electronically. Subsequently, much of our communication is lost … Continue reading

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The Capacity I Own To Do, To Love, To Give

In recent conversations (and recent meltdowns), I have come to terms with my perpetually busy, involved and full life. Let me explain. I’ve written before, about the power of being down. We all have a different capacity to do/give/live and … Continue reading

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