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The Efficient Traveler

I love to travel. I travel for work, and I’ve always lived far from home, so a plane ride away to friends and family is common. I’m big on experiential gifts, so I would way rather have an experience or … Continue reading

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At the end of September through early October, I went back to Italy for 10 days with my family. new balance 530 homme encap It was glorious, gluttonous and at times, a typical family vacation with all of us yelling … Continue reading

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Childlike Wonder

On our recent flight to St. Lucia, on the first leg out of Denver, we sat next to a girl (probably in high school or college) who was shaking with excitement and anticipation. I just assumed she was excited for … Continue reading

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When I Travel I Always Bring…

I traveled every week this past month. Sometimes, weekday then weekend trip. I was definitely tired but I said one thing, “I will not get sick.” I love to travel and am not too sensitive, so I just plow through … Continue reading

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Choosing International Travel; Beautiful Solitude

When I was 19 I spent a summer in Costa Rica. I went alone and focused my energy on giving back and volunteering in a soup kitchen (see photo below, grinding corn for tortillas), teaching English in a small school … Continue reading

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A Roundup – Small Hands, Big Ideas’ Posts On Moving and Relocating

I have written about the topic of moving, the power of a place and relocating often. It’s the most popular topic that new, referring traffic lands here for. So here is an accessible resource for all referring people, Googling “How … Continue reading

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The Places I’ve Called Home

I write about it a lot – traveling, my relocating and hopping around. Did you know the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime? On August 1st, when leasing season rolled around this year, I felt so incredibly good … Continue reading

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How To Make Friends When You Relocate

This might sound like a post for kindergartners – but I keep getting this search phrase on my blog and the search stat keeps staring at me and I cock my head to the side and say, “huh…” – then … Continue reading

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