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Letting it hit the fan (and then some)

You know that feeling? Like you were sucker punched to the stomach? The wind is knocked out of you and even before pain, it’s a shock that comes over you, everything slows down for a second. Then like glass shattering, … Continue reading

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We pulled up to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants just North of downtown Boulder for a late dinner. Our loving, goofy puppy stayed in the backseat with my laptop and we walked hand in hand to sit down, decompress … Continue reading

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Blissiple – A Look Into My Childhood

Growing up, the word bliss was spoken a lot. It may not be your typical childhood remembrance word, but in my household, my parents used it all the time. This phrase stands out: Follow your bliss. sklep new balance 966 … Continue reading

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Wholeheartedness Is a Movement

I have written about perfect being overrated before – in relating to us as perfectly raw, flawed and real human beings. I face it everyday with my yoga practice. To me, perfect doesn’t exist. Perfect is boring. Human is beautiful. … Continue reading

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Where Happiness Exists and Knowing That Things Are Just Things

During this Labor Day, the foothills and mountains surrounding Boulder were overcome with a wildfire. Like most Boulder residents, I was on the edge of my seat for friends, evacuees and the town and community we love so much – … Continue reading

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Connecting With A Stranger

When you blog, you’re publicly visible and as many fellow bloggers will agree to, it’s not unusual to receive e-mails from readers, fans, haters and those in your community. I told my friend who recently started blogging to “expect anything,” … Continue reading

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Workplace No-No’s That Really Are Doesn’t-Matter’s

I find it ironic, after reading US News and World Reports, “40 Topics You Can’t Discuss at Work,” where they list No-No’s such as:  Your blog URL, Your adorable pets, and Your last, or next, vacation, as part of the … Continue reading

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I Like People

When people ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Or “What do you want or like to do?” I can’t give a straight answer. I mean, I don’t even know what I’m going to have … Continue reading

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