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The Humble Product Review

Samsung began to hear complaints that the speaker on the side of their flat-panel TV was too wide for many customers’ entertainment sets. Consumer product reviews were buzzing around the web. Samsung listened and redesigned the product to hide the … Continue reading

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Al Gore Feeling Web 2.0

With the rise of social media and the internet playing a big part in the election, it’s no surprise everyone (if you haven’t been living under a rock) wants to catch on the bandwagon of leveraging web 2.0 for their … Continue reading

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The ‘Spooky’ Blogosphere

Since I grew up with web 2.0 in my back pocket (if you will) terms and sites like blogging, SEO, social media, Flickr and tweeting are part of my everyday jargon. My friends make fun of my technical antics and … Continue reading

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Companies, if you’re not already, get on a social site

We’re a society driven by social interactions. Learning from people, taking, giving, listening, talking, connecting. I feel that way, but my generation has molded into a different kind of interacting. I don’t remember a time where you mention someone that … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin + Social Networking

With Alaskan Republican Governor Sarah Palin, selected by John McCain as his running mate for this upcoming, pivotal election there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the choice. Personal politics aside, the intriguing part to me is the way the … Continue reading

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