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Women We Stand

A lot of my time is spent online. I’ve spent many years, cataloging my favorite stories I’ve run into. Canotte nba swingman As a writer myself, I’m enamored by the words of intelligent minds. Recently, I uncovered some of my … Continue reading

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Women Connect, Men Exchange

My friend Jodi and I have this quip. Whenever we get together (usually over an incredible meal) our men sneak off to another corner of the room talk about Scotch (while they sip Scotch), discuss building things like smokehouses, their … Continue reading

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The Fine Line Between Offensive and An Off-Hand Comment

It was 4 PM. air max chaussures I don’t remember which day of the week it was. nike air max 1 leopard solde Maybe Thursday. The sun was beating down through the glass paned windows of the bistro bar and … Continue reading

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A Birthday Public Service Announcement

I turned 25 this past Sunday, March 13th. The day before it, on Saturday, I hosted a party over food and drinks at my place. I was going to write an insightful birthday post (which by the way, I’ve never … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Set a Resolution to Lose Weight This Year

This is the first year (I can remember) that I didn’t set a resolution to lose weight. I didn’t really think anything of it, but then again, I was sick as I rolled into the New Year and the first … Continue reading

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A True Story: An Upset Reader

An interesting thing happened to me about a year ago, in late 2009 on this blog. I never spoke of it until now, after going through old e-mails I was reminded. Friends of mine, two guys, one of which I’ve … Continue reading

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Women: Nurturing, Gathering and Sharing

Recently my mother (and Lynn, her close friend who ventured out here with her for the Boulder road-trip) were in town. My mother is actively involved in my life and tries to visit meĀ  frequently throughout the year – thus, … Continue reading

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Participation in Sports Benefits Girls in the Longrun

I love sports. I’m competitive and feel alive when I’m active. Growing up, I probably dabbled in every activity possible from kinder-gym (gymnastics), track, snowboarding, yoga, backpacking/hiking and very seriously: horseback riding and basketball. My mom was voted most athletic … Continue reading

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