A #BrazenBlogCrushContest: Find Out Who I’m Crushing On

Elisa Doucette has been running a #BlogCrush series where she features her #BlogCrush au moment. This time, in conjunction with Brazen Careerist‘s new launch she is hosting a #BrazenBlogCrushContest (say that five times fast). I have to admit, it’s hard for me to pick favorites but I’m down for a little contest. I’m down with Brazen. I’m also down to give credit, where credit is due.

The Art of Crushes and Who I Dig

I usually have about 5 crushes at one time. You know, like the Italian barrista across the street from where I work. His smile is endearing and electric. Or that guy I see each Saturday at Farmer’s Market who is always buying lots of fresh vegetables. Some of my crushes aren’t centered around males. Sometimes I’m struck by totally bad-ass females who wow me with their wit, intelligence, writing, style and passion. Caitlin McCabe is one of those.

Caitlin McCabe: Smile Like You Mean It & @CaitlinMc

Caitlin and I ‘met’ online in February of 2009, around the time Rebecca Thorman featured us both on Top 8 Under-Appreciated Blogs By Gen Y Women. I then connected with her as she is using Lijit‘s search on her blog and soon after in March I asked her to write for my What Inspires You series. Caitlin’s piece was phenomenal and different.

Caitlin’s byline describes her blog to encompass: design, buildings, art, fashion and irreverence. The irreverence, attitude and wit always impress me on Caitlin’s blog not to mention you never know what you’re gonna get (yes, check out each link) as she posts daily and often more than once a day.

Why Caitlin’s My #BrazenBlogCrush

Her music taste is killer.

She’s brave (and by brave, I also mean she’s not afraid to say she’s scared sometimes). She has recently stepped out on her own, leaving the conventional comfort of a 9-5 job and taking on the entrepreneurial world. She understands failure, too and isn’t afraid to talk about her own.

Her style and artistic eye are hot and it mixes up the content on her blog, so I’m not drowned in ‘social media’ and ‘career’ reading.

Caitlin interacts on Brazen with insightful comments, she contributes to group discussion, and I think she writes about topics or ideas in a new light, where it’s never stale or repetitive. Where your “ideas are your resume” on Brazen, you can tell Caitlin features what she’s passionate about. She doesn’t follow a conventional trail and she’s very much her own person. Drone or common would never describe Caitlin’s contribution (and if I met her finally in person, I’m confidence it’s exactly the same).

Whether she’s talking about how old school is in, the quirks found in each individual, why “I work on the internet” isn’t a good job description and why you’ll need to make something up for parties, or how she fired a client and it was a lot like going platinum blonde I’m sure Caitlin’s myriad of creative videos, music, culture, design and thoughts will inspire and make you cock your head a little to the side and say, “Huh. I never really thought about it like that.”

Check her out.

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