Girls In Tech 303 – Saturday Summit

In the last few months, I’ve been involved with the local Boulder chapter of Girls In Tech run by the invincible Kate Brown. The national organization of Girls In Tech focuses on women’s innovative and entrepreneurial achievements in technology.

Last Saturday, June 12th, we hosted our first Saturday Summit in Boulder that we called, “Imagining Ourselves: Past, Present & Future.” The Summit included workshops and a keynote speech, focusing on building and creating mentorship for women in technology (young and old).

I co-chaired the event with Jen and even still, the insight I gained from the speakers and collective power of intelligent women (and girls, more on that later) in one room, truly moved me as a participant and as a woman in technology.

Via Girls In Tech:

The workshop focused on tools for successful multi-generational mentorship while cultivating a community to support and increase the number of women and girls seeking careers in tech. Workshop presenters include: Kate Brown, Managing Director of Girls In Tech 303, Tara Anderson, COO of QuickLeft, and Suzan Bond, Founder & Organizational Strategist of Suzan Bond & Co. A special keynote presentation by Jill Tietjen, CEO of Technically Speaking, Inc., will explore famous historical women who have changed our world through science, technology, engineering and math.

Fifty women in technology, marketers, developers, engineers, coaches and thought provokers filled the room. Among those fifty women were three young girls, between 7th and 9th grade that attended. They spoke about what mentorship meant to them and what they look for in mentors and I was completely floored – they were eloquent, excited about technology and more mature beyond their age. This excited me for the mission of Girls In Tech, locally and nationally.

There’s a need and it is going to be filled.

Jill Tietjen, CEO of Technically Speaking, Inc. and author of, “Her Story: A Timeline of Women Who Changed America,” was the keynote. Jill by trade, is an electrical engineer but also travels around the country delivering this speech and shining light on women who invented, changed and created American history. I was so impressed with what women had invented – like Kevlar, non-reflective glass and the dishwasher and furthermore, driven forward personally and professionally for women who came after.

After spending the day listening, workshopping, swapping ideas and meeting fantastic women, I walked away recharged and energized. The environment was inclusive (hey, even a guy showed up) and the support and growing community, felt good.

**If you’re interested in Girls In Tech 303, check out the website and for more photos check my Flickr set and Tara’s set on the website.

(Photo credit of the organizers, Tara Anderson).

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