Two-Year Anniversary of Small Hands, Big Ideas and My Move to Boulder

I can’t believe it.

Two years ago, I sat alone, clicked “Create New” on Blogger and typed in a silly name to start this blog, just so my family could keep in touch and hear about my new life in Boulder. Ha!

Three days prior to creating the blog, I packed my bags, put everything I owned into my car and headed West on August 15th, 2008.

Two years built: a blog, a life, a community, a job, a woman not a girl, love (out of loss) and deep, meaningful friendships.

I almost teared up writing this because I distinctly remembered two years ago where I arrived in Boulder empty-handed, with no job, no place to live, no friends and left behind four years of college, a boyfriend and any sense of comfort. I had nothing but I had everything I needed within me. I covered much of this in 2009’s last year, one-year anniversary of moving to Boulder and also from a blog perspective, I even moved from Blogger to WordPress.

This year in number’s here’s what has happened ’round these parts – From August 2009-August 2010:

The blog has sustained and I do not plan on stopping.

Here are some personal favorites, just a few, for the rest check BEST OF:

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I feel better than ever living here. People would ask me the obligatory, post-college question, “So what’s next, what will you be doing?” and I would answer, “I’m moving to Boulder, Colorado.” When they said, “Why?” or “What will you be doing there?”

I couldn’t quite answer them, but I always felt sure in saying, “I want to build something out of nothing. Like a house, you need to plot your land, then slowly build the foundation, then add the walls, a roof, start to decorate and finally, fill it with people to make it liveable. That is what I want to do by starting something new.”

I have done that. I have built the ‘foundation’ and found ‘the people’ and feel like I have a ‘home’ here (not literally, not a homeowner yet!) and I feel so satisfied in the tangible success, milestones and growth. I’m grinning, ear to ear, full on dimples.

Finally, thank you to all my readers and supporters. Your e-mails over the years have been nothing but inspiring and I have sought to respond, to everyone. Please don’t stop reaching out, stopping by, commenting and to many of you who I have since met in person, I love it. I mean it from the bottom of my heart, that my gratitude is long winded and never ends.

Here’s to many more years of blogging, sharing, dimples, laughter, good food and growth!



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