Friday Linky Love

2011 September 2
by Grace Boyle

My family has been in town all week and my little bro, just moved to Denver to spend one of his final Trimesters of college at their Denver campus (Providence, RI is their HQ). Our lives revolve around food, so we’ve been wining, dining and cooking together non-stop. As always, this makes me feel deeply grateful that we can all spend this time together.

Find Me: I was totally a social girl last week on the Internet. I was interviewed by Appolicious in their Meet the Members series. Check it out here. I wrote a guest post for iGrad on top ten ways to conserve energy, save and stay green. Finally, I participated in an interview roundup (amongst other brilliant marketing minds) on Trada’s company blog on How to Market Your Business with Twitter.

Friday Linky Love:

Cool Ish:

Kayak shows you all the flights out of your home airport that go direct:

Red Butler | Personal assistant and concierge service. This ties nicely into my what would you pay for post this week.

Turning Art is rad. It’s like NetFlix for artwork. Rotate artwork in your home or office and earn credits to buy originals.


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