Friday Linky Love

2012 March 16
by Grace Boyle

And, it’s back.

Found some serious goodness recently.

So first, I lamented a lot about losing Picnik. Especially for the food blog as it’s photo heavy. I found PicMonkey and believe it’s the closest replacement (Google+ is a close second, but doesn’t have collage feature). Check these fools out.

Drinkify is a fun party trick. Enter the music you’re listening to and they will generate a perfect cocktail pairing. Fun.

I Live Here Because is a cool photography project based here in Boulder. She asks people why they live here. A photo and their answer is the whole site.

I was featured on my Foodtree friends’ blog as part of their Food Advocate series. It explains my serious love for food and everything around it. Thanks for the interview, guys!

Over and out! Happy weekend.

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  • Clare Bear

    Thank you for sharing Pic Monkey, I have been super sad about Picnik!

  • Grace Boyle

    Me too :( I’m still using it to the very last day. Ha. xo