Friday Linky Love

2009 May 29
by Grace Boyle

This was a short (work) week for me, thanks to the get-away vaca to the beach over Memorial Day weekend. It feels good to be back and recharged because I took some time away. I’m back online and love reconnecting with bloggers and reading their inquisitive writing. This is why I enjoy sharing Friday Linky Love each week and why I started it back in February. It’s all about giving back and collaborating.

1. Brad Feld: It’s All About the Faces

2. Politicoholic: Sonia Sotomayor’s Nomination Brings Out Subtle Racism Everywhere

3. Employee Evolution: 5 Startup Lessons from the Recession

4. Ben Casnocha: On Criticism

5. Thrilling Heroics: The Challenges and Rewards of Living Adventurously

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  • Ryan Healy

    Thanks for the link love, Grace!

  • Grace Boyle

    @Ryan Of course! Since I work in a startup as well, I definitely vibe with what you're saying and it's nice to hear others in the same plight. Enjoy your weekend, Ryan :)

  • sexycorsets

    Grace thanks for some of your loving link juice.

  • Lingerie 2 Order

    Grace thanks for some of your loving link juice.