Friday Linky Love + Shatterboxx Rocks My Socks

2010 February 5
by Grace Boyle

Well, it’s Friday. That’s always exciting. Enjoy the links, don’t forget to laugh this weekend.

Oh and let me end with the best. Have you heard of Shatterboxx Media? They’re gutsy.

They being Nicole and Jamie who have teamed together for an absolutely badass web design and branding extravaganza that is Shatterboxx (love the name). They’re hosting a contest. They just relaunched and joined forces, so they’re giving away a super duper blog design to one lucky person (ahem, me). I’m hoping. See, I really want it. Even my 2010 resolutions (that I wrote to feel productive) was to have a blog redesign. So, serendipity. Also, when you Google “Shatterboxx Media” this post, yes, this one you’re reading, comes up third. Props, right?

I won’t even say this is shameless, it’s real, because they’re so talented and the designs are so pretty and glittery. They’re smart girls, who are witty and can hang. Just how I like it. Check them out. Work with them. Then tweet and tell them that I should win, because I would be so happy and since I’m nicknamed PR by my friends I would persuasively help land them additional clients. Okay, that’s enough.

Love, Grace.

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  • nicoleantoinette

    This is the sweetest ever! Big fat virtual hugs for you.

  • Grace Boyle

    Big fat virtual hug right back :) Happy to spread the lovins

  • Chelsea Talks Smack

    yay nicole and jamie!

  • Royce

    Happy Friday Link Love

    Grace, be careful hugging Nicole – she's known to spread pandemics

  • Matt Cheuvront

    They are doing some sexy things over with Shatterboxx – two very talented women behind the work they do. Stay tuned for some news on my end coming soon..maybe tomorrow, but def. this week. -Matt