Friday Linky Love + 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

2010 March 26
by Grace Boyle

I’ve been meaning to let you know some secret Gracie bits as many friends have been doing the same, so finally, I hit two birds with one stone today.

1) The language I learned and studied throughout middle and high school was Sanskrit. Yes, as in the ancient Vedic language from India that far too many people get tattoos of but have no idea what it means (on that note, I do have a tattoo in Sanskrit but I can read and write it so shhh). Subsequently, I can also read Hindi. How’s that for an icebreaker? More here and why.

2) Not only are my hands small, but I’m 5’1″. I’m a shorty.

3) I’m a music feign. I save all my concert stub tickets and have hundreds in a music “scrapbook.” How geeky is that? I just don’t talk about it that much. I probably average a concert/live music 2-3 times a month (especially as summer rolls around, hello Red Rocks). I rarely turn down an invite to a concert (if I haven’t already planned on going). I heart hip hop, to electronic, to alternative, to funk, to rock. Try me.

4) I once lived on a sailboat in Greece for a short period of time and sailed around the Greek isles as part of the crew.

5) I’ve never overdrawn my bank account. I might be impatient, unruly, spontaneous and take trips often, but I know how to manage my money – regardless of where I am financially.

Enough about me. Here are some favorites this week – I love brilliant minds.

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  • Richard

    I hadn't overdrawn my account until just this past week! I was multi-tasking as I was paying a credit card bill online and wrote down the confirmation number and put certain charges into an excel sheet I am using to track a few key expenses… and low and behold, I didn't write the payment in my checkbook! Took me ten years to finally make a mistake.

    But lesson learned: Multi-tasking can be a great thing… but not when money is involved!

  • David Spinks

    Thanks for the link love Grace! (=

  • ryanstephens

    I told a few co-workers at one point that I'd never been overdrawn and they looked at me like I was a leper. I suspected there was a fee of some sort, but I had no idea what would actually happen. I told someone (maybe all of Twitter) the other day: physical fitness + healthy diet and personal finance are two things I'll probably never get off the soapbox about.

    Thanks for sharing your 5 things AND 5 awesome posts!

  • mehulkar

    Sweet linkage to the alma mater :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Richard It happens and sometimes, those little mistakes will creep up on us. Sounds like you're pretty organized and with it, which I love to hear :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @David Yea – of course! Loved your post.

  • Grace Boyle

    @Ryan Ha, isn't that crazy? I have a friend who overdraws every couple of months and it makes me nervous just hearing about it! Good to hear you're on point 😉

  • Grace Boyle

    @Mehulkar Yea, you like that? I like their new redesign and website – it looks much better with a great message that is somewhat understandable.

  • Susan Pogorzelski

    I love, love, love that you can understand Sanskrit. There's something so mystical and ancient about these langauges — so much history and meaning intertwined in words. I have such an interest in different cultures and a fascination with history, and being able to understand significant documents…well, you just can't get the same sense from a translation. I'm so impressed, Grace, I really am. I'll have to have you teach me a few phrases :)

    Also: I'm a fellow shorty. Only…even shorter. Small hands, little feet? =P

    Have a great weekend!

  • Vicki

    So cool that you can read Sanskrit, and also about the Greek sailboat part. It's amazing how much we think we “know” someone online and people surprise us all the time. Have a great weekend. :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Susan Yes, it is a beautiful (cryptic) language. I can read anything in Sanskrit, but less of a conversationalist (if that makes sense) since it's a symbol-based language.

    The Bhagavad Gita is my favorite text in Sanskrit. You can buy the English/Sanskrit translation and it's so interesting as a metaphor for life. Check it out.

    Also, I included one of my favorite Sanskrit sayings. I don't have a Sanskrit font, so I found this online check it out (and just imagine me speaking it;)

    सन्तोषः परमो लाभः सत्सङ्गः परमा गतिः ।

    विचारः परमं ज्ञानं शमो हि परमं सुखम् ॥

    English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

    Contentment is the highest gain,
    Good Company the highest course,
    Enquiry the highest wisdom,
    and Peace the highest enjoyment.

  • Grace Boyle

    @Vicki I thought it was fun to include pieces I may never talk about here on the blog, but are all part of who I am. It is nice to learn more :) Thanks for stopping by as always.

  • mehulkar

    I love the new design. and all the new social media efforts at mum

  • LostInCheeseland

    I love that you added these 5 tid bits about you…. I feel like I have an even better idea of who Grace is now!

    I love that you learned Sanskrit ! You have an adventurous spirit and a refreshing curiosity for the world. You're SO European material :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Lindsey Oh, thanks! That was what I was hoping for…an even more personal look into who I am. The nuances, the interests and the odd background 😉 Haha, I love hearing that I'm European material, you know I love hearing that :)

  • Srinivas Rao


    That's pretty cool that you can't read Hindi. I'm Indian and I can't even speak it. Granted, I'm south Indian. But still that's awesome :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Srinivas Interesting, right? :) I love Sanskrit – I will often sit and read the Bhagavad Gita, it is so enriching, I love it. However, Sanskrit is not as “useful” or “frequented” as Spanish might be 😉

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  • DShan

    Much love for the linky love! What a great convo in the comments, I gotta say.

  • doniree

    We should just go ahead and start that Kelly Diels fan club, huh?

  • Grace Boyle

    @DShan Yea, of course, loved your post :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Doniree YES!!!!!

  • Elisa Doucette

    Grace – so glad to see your 5 things! I majored in Classical Studies with a concentration in Latin in college. I love the beauty of ancient languages, and my little analytical mind adores etymology and making all those connections. I've frequently contemplated getting a Latin phrase tattoo, but I'm starting with a Celtic Cross. :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Elisa Ah, interesting! Ancient languages are beautiful and fascinating. The Celtic Cross is beautiful :) Besides the obvious, it represents structural strength to me and of course, has great history to it.

  • cusoon

    I had wandered to your blog a few months ago but then forgot to bookmark it. Found it again and this post definitely makes me add to my reader. Would love to interact with you @ the Bhagvad Gita. I recently started reading it. I learnt sanskrit in my childhood. I find it one of the very few languages which provide the ability to make profound with very few words.

  • Grace Boyle

    @cusoon Thanks! I'm happy to hear I've been added to your reader and it's nice to have you here :) I would love to talk more about Sanskrit and The Bhagavad Gita. Feel free to email me anytime, I'm gracekboyle at gmail dot com !