Friday Linky Love

Excited for the long, holiday weekend especially because my little bro is in town to celebrate his 21st (mamma mia!) as well as one of my best friend’s from college (but don’t worry, he isn’t turning 21 even though his birthday is this weekend too). Celebration time.

I’m excited that Colorado is the fittest state in the United States. Feeling pretty good about my buns, right about now. See what GOOD Magazine has to say about the fittest (or unhealthiest) states: This Is Where You’re Fat.

I recently was connected to Shatterbox (not to be confused with my fave ladies at Shatterboxx). In their words: “Shatterbox was born to show young people that happy careers happen. The site features video vignettes of young professionals who have found fulfillment in fascinating careers and offers a dynamic social network, a resource blog and a brand new scholarship program to help launch young people into dream careers.” Pretty riveting and I love the video component. The stories are great and hopefully, will inspire you. Check them out.

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