Friday Linky Love

2010 August 13
by Grace Boyle

My dearest Mother is in town. We’ve been hiking, wining and dining (like, a lot, are my jeans a little tighter?), cooking for/with my friends, and of course, tonight we are seeing the opening of Eat, Pray, Love. We’re Italian, and the book inspired her to create and execute (she’s on her second year) of hosting a woman’s retreat in Italy.

Finally, an exciting announcement and personal milestone. This Sunday, August 15th, will mark the two year anniversary of me moving to Boulder. It’s so natural and I’m still so fulfilled here, the date almost passed me by! Stay tuned for a subsequent, two year Blogiversary of Small Hands, Big Ideas next week!

The goodness:

I hosted a giveaway this week for the beautiful book, Operation Beautiful. You still have time to enter, I will announce the winner at random on Monday!

Finally, this video is too cute not to share. Sometimes kids, have the best answers.

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