Friday Linky Love

2010 August 20
by Grace Boyle

The students are coming back to Boulder (do not go into Target during this week!) and I can feel the nights are getting a little cooler. Summer is nearing an end.

I’m big on milestones and symbolism. For me, I always experience a deep sense of change (internally usually) around the season change.


I guest posted this week on Doniree’s Nomadic Foodie touting my love of cheese: The Art of a Cheese Plate. Let us know what you think and what your fave cheeses are!

I met with Stephanie last week before work for an early coffee date. She’s a bright, motivated 20-year old who already, has a strong vision for her life. So impressive. She has a blog, Initiative 180, where she does something for 180 days that scares her. Apparently, meeting up with me was #31 (but turned out not-scary after actually meeting me, right Stephanie?) We even did yoga together later in the week. :)

Finally, this is just too rad to not share: WTF SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE? Click through, say yes or no as appropriate. (H/T to Miss Doniree).

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  • Doniree

    Loved having you on the food blog, and your cheese chat was perfect! :) Thanks for the other links too – some gems in there, it looks like!

  • caitlinmc

    Same here in Madison with the students – all of the sudden I'm like “why are there couches everywhere and shoes in the street like there has been an apocalypse?” oh yeah, students are back :)
    Also, that WTF should I do with my life is awesome and should be shared!!

  • Grace Boyle

    @Caitlin I know, exactly. The couches, the random “take this, I'm throwing everything away as I move,” odds and ends on the side of the streets and masses of unknowing freshman wandering the streets.

    WTF is awesome, right? I clicked through a bunch and loved how they link to sites. I said yes to make crafts and they took me to Etsy!

    Loved your interview on Jane too :)

  • Grace Boyle

    @Doniree Yay! I loved it and contributing your blog is beautiful! There were a lot of goodies this week :) and H/T to you for WTF

  • Steph Lee

    I totally agree with you on feeling the change of seasons. I find myself actually going for heavier stuff now – grounding soups and sandwiches instead of salads and smoothies, lattes instead of iced drinks, yoga instead of something incredibly active. Something in me just wants to be more grounded and throw off the flakiness of summer :)

    I think fall is a time though when we all pick up the pace in terms of our work and career. To me, it's definitely a time to be more creative and productive!

    I look forward to many more yoga classes with you Grace! Thank you so much for meeting up with me that day and for being so UN-Intimidating!

    You are a truly remarkable person. Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

  • Royce

    Sweet interview C-Mac. I thought your comments about giving up too early on your first business were especially interesting and very honest.