Friday Linky Love, But Really It’s An Announcement

2011 September 27
by Grace Boyle

I’m hijacking this Friday Linky Love because today is a big day.

This is my last day at my job.

After three amazing years at Lijit, nike homme I have accepted a job with another company. I have held my tongue before announcing anything while I made this transition as smooth as possible but today is my last day.

I will be starting next week at Kapost (an online startup in Boulder) as their Director of Marketing and Sales!

I promise I’ll dive into more detail next week, talk about Kapost and their amazing product, then explain what’s new and next in part of this change.

For now, La chaussure de running Asics I’m focusing on this bittersweet day, thanking my amazing work-family at Lijit and closing up shop for Grace after three years here. The last three years have been incredibly fulfilling and I have learned an immense amount (look, Air Jordan 4 (IV) I found my post from my first day at Lijit, my how we’ve changed and grown as a company).

It’s hard to put it in words, Purdue Boilermakers but I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and experience.

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  • I have many mentors, adidas neo hombre friends and long lasting relationships from my time and work here. I feel the tears starting to well up,

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  • so I’ll leave it at that: unbounded gratitude – a new horizon ahead – and focusing on personal and professional growth.

    Until next week, nike air max 2017 hombre I’m logging off and enjoying the long weekend before the new job. I promise to dive into more because Kapost is so very exciting.

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    • Carlos Miceli

      The biggest congrats ever. I’m not surprised at all, though. You’ll be running Boulder in the next year or two 😉

      Show them how it’s done, Gracie. Good luck!

    • Neil Simon

      Congratulations Grace!

    • Dave Heal

      Really proud of you, Grace! Glad we got to work together briefly but even more glad that we were and are friends and so I don’t have to be quite as sad that you’re leaving.  You did, however, make a big mistake by not going to Hawaii in between jobs. Lesson learned, I guess.

    • Clare Bear

      Congratulations, Grace! I’m excited to watch your new journey unfold.

    • Terri

      Good luck at Kapost, Grace. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • suki

      Congratulations on the new job! :)

    • Grace Boyle

      Aw, thanks so much Carlos! Mayor of Boulder ? Maybe I should do it!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thanks Neil!

    • Susan Pogorzelski

      What happy news! Congratulations on the new position, Grace!

    • Susan Pogorzelski

      What happy news! Congratulations on the new position, Grace!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thanks Dave :) It means a lot! I know, crazy vaca in between damn!

      You’re going to rock it out as the new BM and keep having fun!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thanks Clare :)

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you Terri! I’m excited to share more!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you :)

    • Sydney Owen

      You = amazing. Congratulations, Grace! 

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, beautiful! Wishing you joy, laughter and LOTS of learning at the new gig. Enjoy every moment of this weekend and anticipation of the next chapter. Sending you and James a virtual bottle of bubbly!

    • Laura Kimball

      Congratulations, Grace! I’ve been following your growth through this blog and I’m excited to see where you go as a person and where you take Kapost!

    • jennyblake

      I like how Carlos put it — “The biggest congrats ever!” And I concur that you’ll be running Boulder within the next two years :) 


    • Ameena

      Yay! Congratulations!!

    • Cathy

      Grace, best of the luck to you:)

    • Rebecca Thorman

      Whoo – exciting stuff! Congrats on the next step of your world domination. Kapost looks like an exciting new startup!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thanks so much Susan!!

    • Grace Boyle

      xoxo grazie grazie!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you Jenn! Exciting that we both got jobs the same week – love it. Hope you’re enjoying your new gig (AWESOME) too. xoxo

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you Laura! That means a lot to me. I hope to continue to share my career journey :) Keep on coming by. xo

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you dear :)

    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you Cathy!!

    • Grace Boyle

      Thanks Rebecca! :) Excited to get into something new!

    • Elisa Doucette

      I’d say just plain “Congrats” but that somehow implies that you are the lucky ones. I think Kapost has gotta be thrilled with the goldmine they just acquired! Keep kicking butt lady – you are awesome!

    • Grace Boyle

      You’re too sweet. Thank you for the continual support and well wishes. Thanks dear xo

    • terra


    • Grace Boyle

      Thank you!! :)

    • doniree

      Congratulations, Gracie! I can’t wait to hear more about your new post :)

    • Kaci

      Hope your first few days at Kapost have been oh-so-great! And congrats, I don’t think I’ve said that formally yet. :)

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