Friday Linky Love – Giveaway Edition II

2010 May 28
by Grace Boyle

I am hosting a giveaway! You are all so amazing so why not pay it forward, it is after all, one of my favorite beliefs and way to live life.

This FLL edition is sponsored by CSN Stores – they have a myriad of sites selling everything from sectional sofas (yep, do you want one, maybe next giveaway?) to luggage and kitchenware. The giveaway is a $80 toward any purchase, on any of the CSN store sites. I’m all about efficient (but stylish) traveling, so I suggest their luggage and baggage.

All I ask is for a comment here, noting your favorite travel destination. Next week I will select a winner through from the comments. (Note: Be sure to include your e-mail and/or contact information if you don’t have a Disqus profile when you leave a comment).

So yes, $80 toward any purchase on CSN Stores. Just ’cause I love you like that.

Back to our programming of highlighting those who intrigued this week:

This week my friend, Ben Wilcox hosted me over at his blog in another conversation style post where we discussed the importance of travel in our lives and those we surround ourselves with: Must Love Travel. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  • mami2jcn

    My favorite travel destination so far has been Atlantis in the Bahamas.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • doniree

    I have a couple, and I'm wondering how these will change when I finally get my tail overseas somewhere – one) I LOVE Chicago. Absolutely love everything about it. two) I love going home – to Minneapolis/St. Paul :)

  • shellydk

    The Carribean, pretty much anywhere. But Sandy Cay is my favorite place in the world. Stateside, Stinson Beach and Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, CA.

  • Jackie Adkins

    St. Augustine, Florida! It's almost my home away from home since my family has gone to our friend's beach house every summer for almost 15 years now. So much history, but also very laid back, making it a great place to just go and relax :)

  • LostInCheeseland

    Lame to say that Paris is one of my favorite destination spots, so I'll say EUROPE to be general and then more specifically, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I used to go there every summer with my family for 2 weeks and I have some of the fondest memories. I hope to go back soon. But since I'm headed to Corsica for a week in June, I have a feeling that might trump HH!

  • Chelsea

    Panama and Costa Rica. There is nothing like being the only person on a gorgeous beach, in the middle of nowhere, with the jungle behind you.

  • kari

    I like the north shore of Hawaii

  • kay

    My favorite destination is New Zealand. Such a beautiful country!

  • Jo White

    My fave travel destination is Tasmania in Australia (home). :)

  • Clare


  • Monica

    MY favorite travel destination is the lovely Italia, which I am hoping you and I can visit together. Or better yet, when I marry Dave, we can all share a villa and spend our days laying beneath olive trees, drinking wine, tasting sweet Italian morsels, and picking at an array of cheese, bread and olives. hmm… f- boulder. let's go now.

  • Miranda—Imperfectly Candid

    My favorite place to travel to is Chicago. I've been there a couple of times in my 21 years, but I still feel like there's so much to see! I can't wait to go back.

  • Rachel Vincent

    My favorite place is Italy. It is the perfect balance of fascinating ancient history stuff (my college major – thus the high value placed there), amazing art, really delicious food, and gorgeous countryside.

  • Richard

    Heya everyone!
    My favorite travel destination is anywhere near Denver (colorado!) And no, I'm not sucking up to you. I've mentioned on here before that I love Colorado and was born there in fact. My last real vacation was to Estes Park, RMNP, then to Denver for five days. I'm always at peace there. I do love the beach and the District though.

  • Royce

    Like Monica, my favorite travel destination is Italy. Florence in particular, Cinque Terre in second place.

    However, all traveling is great. You can't go wrong if you take a trip and just want to experience new things and see what's out there. Even traveling fairly locally can be amazing cause you still see new things.

  • Susan Pogorzelski

    France, of course! Actually, I adore all of Europe for the rich culture, fabulous food, and the historical beauty, but France is that country that really calls me home.

    I had a great time on a trip to St Maarten, though. I wouldn't mind traveling to an island paradise again 😉

    Great giveaway, Grace!

  • Rich Dematteo

    I'm going to say my favorite travel destination is Mexico, with the Outer Banks a close second!
    Fun idea, Grace!

    CornOnTheJob @

  • Grace

    La Madeleine-Bouvet , France is amazing (I'm there right now!!) so I must put it here! for pictures and links but I would also recommend Kauai (specifically the Kalalau coast hike- amazing), et Sudtirol, Italy (specifically Dorf Tirol and Brunnenburg Castle) et Boulder, CO isn't that bad (tres belle)!! :)

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  • benjamintwilcox

    It is so hard for me to pinpoint where my favorite travel destination is right now. I have really enjoyed Key West and San Diego for their amazing weather. My most recent trip was to NYC and I have much much more exploring to do in that amazing city!

  • Akhila

    My favorite destination so far has been GREECE! Particularly Athens, but I also loved the surrounding islands (I went to Aegina) and some nearby sights like the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion and Delphi. Amazing!!

  • ryanstephens

    My favorite travel destination is anywhere in Texas. I don't know why anyone would bother to leave this state, ever. I don't know how anyone who visits could actually leave either. One of life's many mysteries. :)

  • ryanstephens

    I actually really enjoy the beach on the west coast, and occasionally scurrying about in Chicago or NYC, but I've found that where you're going typically doesn't matter nearly as much as who's going with you.

  • Akirah

    I love going everywhere…well, at least the warm places…because I love seeing new places and things and people. But I'd hafta say, I love visiting my grandma in Charleston, SC. It's such a beautiful city.

  • floreta

    thanks for the link love 😀
    i also (will) have a CSN offer promo on my blog..

    my favorite travel destination.. tough one. i'll go for someplace i haven't been yet and go for Japan!

  • Schmidty

    I would have to pick Chicago. A city of romance for me. (But I have a dream of visiting Costa Rica or Portugal one day.)

  • clearlycomposed

    Maui is mine. The island has such a great vibe, the water and beaches are amazing, the food is out of this world and there is so much to do, or not do depending on your mood. :)

  • Anthony Piwarun

    I'd say San Diego. The weather, people and nightlife there is all great!

  • Rachel

    Excellent giveaway! I just got back from my favorite destination, NYC! If I had to pick another though, I'd say Charleston, SC :) But they're great for two totally different vacays.

  • Stacy Shade

    My favorite place to visit is France. A little far way? Yes, but its worth it! The country is gorgeous with tons of history + amazing food & pastries! :)

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  • Jia

    Stacy Shade, France is no doubt a very nice country to explore, I also like to explore all that kind of amazing and beautiful places. I have been to France last year just before taking my bus tours from los angeles to grand canyon. It was an amazing experience for me, To stay in Paris i can never forget my memories which i made in France.