Make the trip

2013 August 16
by Grace Boyle


One of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte’s recent blog posts titled, “Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love,” is a zinger. Hit right to the heart.

As each year goes by, it seems our lives become more compartmentalized. Work usually gets more intense, there are marriages, moving, buying houses, babies and well, priorities change. There is just less time for the things that aren’t in your day-to-day schedule, that perhaps aren’t mandatory.

In Danielle’s story, she recalls the few times of regret in her life were the times she missed out on time with friends. For me, friends are family and when we get caught up, those trips and time together become even more important. As my family-friends are scattered around the country (and world) I always know that the experience is something I would way more purchase than a physical item.

Last Summer when one of my best friends’ fiance died suddenly, without even needing to think about the decision, those of us from afar (Colorado, California, Australia), booked one way tickets home to be with her and to help pick up the pieces. I stayed at home with her and family for nine days. Nine days that when you have a full-time job, freelance work, a dog, a boyfriend, a life, a vacation planned over some of this time – is a lot. But I didn’t care. It was innate and the exact right thing to do. I cannot imagine not doing that. The part that also holds true, is without a doubt, she and the rest of our friends, would have done the same if the situation was reverse.

Life is filled with inconveniences and time, is of the essence. Time is also, extremely valuable. But time spent for and with those incredible friends, it is never lost or unworthy.

As life becomes busier and I become a bit more tired by my “adult” responsibilities, one thing doesn’t change, wanting to spend quality time with those kin friends (and family for that matter). At a time when making friends in your 30′s may be more difficult, cultivating and cherishing those friendships you’ve had for years, or perhaps your whole life, becomes even more vital.

Although circumstances and finances may not always allow for jet setting around, there are always ways to make the effort and to stay together.

I have a Southwest credit card to earn miles, might as well earn points while I’m spending money daily. On work trips, even though they’re often very rushed, I always rearrange my schedule to see a friend for dinner or in between meetings (it’s worth it). I plan ahead, think about timing and make sure to put the effort into planning for group trips, or coordinating when we’re all headed home. Just recently, I flew home to Iowa to see that very friend. There was no real reason, I just felt seeing my parents and close friends was due, and I did some rearranging. It is money so worth the spend. And that money spent on the somewhat more expensive flight than normal, I don’t miss it.

It is your choice after all regarding where your energy and time is spent. Cheers, my friends. Here’s to getting off our ass for love.

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