Steering Clear of “Safe”

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well perserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, Chardonnay in one hand, strawberries in the other, body thoughly used up, totally worn out , and screaming “Woo Hoo! What a Ride!” -Chuck Myers

Um, hell yes.

I’ve been reading a lot about breaking free of inhibitions, taking risk and wanting something more. I’m surrounded by idealists and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Contemplating my friends’ trip abroad and upcoming explorations, I have concluded that the most powerful, exciting times in my lives was when I had no agenda, no plan, took a risk and felt scared.

Buying a ticket to Ireland for St. Patty’s day, then spending the night in the airport just to make it back in time for Midterms in Italy. Studying abroad. Saying “yes,” instead of “no, I’m not sure.” Jumping off a cliff in the Swiss Alps. Working and living in Costa Rica alone at age 19. Choosing a small, college in Vermont where none of my friends knew of or had been to. Moving to Boulder, alone. Forgiving a friend. Letting love into my life, when I least expected it to sneak up on me.

Through each chance, I’ve tasted failure, defeat and loss. The greater the risk, the greater potential to lose your footing. Now, as I can look back I still know it was all worth it. I cannot imagine settling. Many would argue that risk is tied to reward. You just will never know, unless you try.

One of my best friends, Camie writes, “Finding little gems in the places you least expect is a secret in life. Everyday I am learning to be more present with reality and more clarified with intention. Sometimes its scary to change circumstances so quickly. And it is now too. But I’m just not entertaining that fear today…”

Live with intention and like my dad would say to me growing up, “Take a walk on the wiiiild side!”

What risk have you taken recently? Do you thrive on risk or balk at the thought of it?

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