Kelly Cutrone’s, Normal Gets You Nowhere + A Giveaway

I’m a big fan of Kelly Cutrone. I love her honesty, raw ability to tell stories, her deep spirituality and her fierceness. asics gel lyte 5 mujer With my own mom as an entrepreneur, I dig it and her booming business she built from scratch.

A few months ago I posted my favorite quotes from her last book (If You Have To Cry Go Outside) here on the bloggity.

Luckily enough, her publisher from HarperOne was listening and sent Small Hands, Big Ideas a copy of her new book, Normal Gets You Nowhere, to giveaway to one lucky winner.

To enter to win this brand-new copy of Normal Gets You Nowhere, leave a comment here on this post with your name and e-mail. Feel free to add why you totally dig Kelly Cutrone or if you want to learn more about her. Must be in the U.S. Air Jordan Uomo 9 to enter. I will select a winner this Friday.

For now, enjoy some amazing quotes this time around:

I’ve told you many times that I do not believe in coincidences. I do believe every moment is engineered by our soul and the Divine. In fact, some experiences, both good and bad, are meant to teach us what we need to know at a certain time.

We have been programmed in this world to accept the suffering and devastation of other beings on an epic scale, not just around the world, but in our own fucking backyards. We are all suffering and suffering deeply in our hearts. New Balance 009 mÄ™skie And our chaos, confusion, pain and unfulfillment are manifesting outwardly in devastating ways. We know that Mother Nature can’t hold us the way we’re behaving with her, overusing and busing her resources.

  • We know the world is becoming a more violent place. Yet we continue in the dance of repetition – we refuse to evolve as a species.

    I believe that all of the things you do for other people, you’re actually doing for yourself. asics scarpe uomo Life is like a bank account. Random acts of kindness, telling the truth, being loving, showing up for yourself and others — these are all deposits.

    If we give more than we take, we progress. If we take more than we give, we regress.

    I’ve been the village girl from Syracuse, the penniless yoga with a shaved head out in L.A., and the black-haired fierce bitch taking over the runways, I dare say. nike air huarache femme pas cher It’s important that no matter what your position, you savor and make the best of it – that you take from each reality what it has to offer you (and they all have something trust me). fjallraven kanken backpack outlet And that you show compassion. New Balance 530 mujer After all, I refuse to be killed by your narcissistic psychic footprint.

    A lot of people say they want to be special, but they don’t want to do the work or to occasionally eat crow in order to grow.

    And in closing her book (and this post):

    I was clearly trying my best to go all the way on this karmayogic path I’d chosen. Canotte Denver Nuggets And at times it seemed overrated, or at least like it was making me miss out on things. And it was, The Mother herself warned people off the path of spirituality — she said it was not for the meek. Asics Baratas Few people ever manage to commit totally to the Divine, become a swami or a prophet, and a few commit to darkness either, becoming a Jeffrey Dahmer or a Charles Manson. Most of us dance between the two, with one foot on either side, our entire lives. These forces are both incredibly powerful and, on the surface, attractive; as one side starts to consume us, we grab the other as a way to balance ourselves.

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