Book: 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need

2011 September 11
by Grace Boyle

Sam Davidson is one of my favorite writers. Cleveland Cavaliers He shares stories in such a genuine nature and I can say that, as I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting him and talking with him. Scarpe Nike He’s smart, has a great smile, he’s interested in your story, he’s a strong entrepreneur, a family man and an author.

A while back, Sam guest posted here about one thing I didn’t need: To Be A Citizen Of A Place She Doesn’t Care About. He was so articulate and in his quick visit to Boulder, he quickly saw that I love Boulder. Russell Wilson – Wisconsin Badgers To live in a place I didn’t care about, isn’t part of my nature.

One of his great books (he has a few), 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need, Sam outlines the physical and mental things in life that clutter us, take away value and bog us down. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme In our consumer driven society, this book is a breath of fresh air. Rutgers Scarlet Knights We often get consumed with life, our jobs, money, and the everyday routine forgetting to take a step back and reevaluate what really matters – that’s exactly what this book is about.

Here are a sampling of my favorite 50 things your life doesn’t need from the book:

  • Untaken risk: Parachutes are meant to be open
  • Textbooks: Outdated the moment you bought it
  • Bad wine: It’s time to find a drink you love
  • Anything belonging to an ex: Love in the now
  • Someone else’s expectations: These are your dreams, not theirs

So true, right?

Sam touts simplicity. Maglie NBA a Poco Prezzo This book mentions emotions and harbored feelings that you should rid yourself of and also physical items that don’t add value or clutter up our physical (and mental) space.

This book is small and perfect for gifts. Women Air Jordan 11 It sits on my coffee table in the center of my living room and everyone who I have over, picks it up and smiles when they see it. Peyton Manning – Tennessee Volunteers I know it’s early, but this is also a good stocking stuffer. cheap fjallraven kanken It’s real, not fluffy and Sam is genuine.

I’ll end with Sam’s words:

You have one life.

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  • Anonymous

    Perfect timing – when I was visiting the States, my dad shoved boxes from my old apartment in front of me and said “consolidate into one”. I was dreading it, how could I part with these things? Sure, I don’t need them in France but I want to know I can consult them in the future if I wanted to. Turns out, there were a lot of old photos of exes, old love letters, and silly collages that I absolutely DIDN’T need. I have the memories, I don’t need the evidence. Love in the now. Great message! 

  • Grace Boyle

    I know, it’s all about us wanting to HOLD onto these things. It’s really funny. Then when I think about it, why do we need these things from ex’s? What value does it hold? In that part of the book Sam said the first thing he did when he was engaged was get rid of all those things (symbolically).

    I’ve been minimal more than ever and it feels great. I do a room and closet clean at least 4-6 times a year (with seasons) and it’s amazing how many of those things we really don’t need or want.

  • Angela C.

    Sounds inspiring. My personal favorite of the tidbits you mentioned is to live out your own dreams – not someone else’s. So often we try to impress or please others but in the process disappoint ourselves. We end up unsatisfied when we could be fulfilled, passionately pursuing our own dreams! I’d like to read this.

    Angela :)

  • Matt Haltom

    Not available on Kindel.  Fail. lol

  • Sam Davidson

    Thanks for writing, Grace! I really appreciate it!

  • Grace Boyle

    Thanks Angela! It’s a great book, a lot about finding your passion and clearing the clutter in your life. Let me know what you think of it :)