Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

2015 September 17
by Grace Boyle

“What’s worth doing, even if I fail?”

This is the question Elizabeth Gilbert asks Brene Brown, on her latest Magic Lessons podcast.

These two women in a podcast together create enough inspiration for me, but the focus in this podcast is around uncovering “big strong magic” and discussing how essential creativity is for healthy living.

Although the entire 35 minutes are incredibly worth hearing, one of my favorite moment Brown shares in the podcast is this statement:

“I don’t leap for the landing, I leap for the experience in the air. Because you can’t predict the landing.”

I’m not sure what it is, but seasonal changes always invoke a feeling like I too, shed my skin. As the first day of Fall begins next week (September 23rd to be exact) I was reminded of the importance for us to do what really makes us feel alive, and to not hold onto the outcome or result so much.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast. I hope it inspires you today. Here’s to big magic and creativity.



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  • Akirah Robinson

    I *just* finished this. So good. I also recently finished Brene’s newest book, “Rising Strong.” I was very touched and impressed. These women are doing important work!

  • Grace Boyle

    Love it! Rising Strong is on its way to me in the mail as we speak :) Great minds think alike. Loved hearing them together.