When it clicks

I’ve noticed when I’m trying to accomplish something challenging, for the time being, it seems unattainable.

For me, it’s often math or numbers I’m trying to crunch for budget or goal planning at work, sometimes it’s a physical feat or activity I want to crush but can’t get it right, sometimes it’s the very words for a blog post that laugh back at me as the cursor blinks ominously and sometimes it’s a mental lapse where I simply cannot express what I need and want to say.

Those times are frustrating. Although I believe very much in the power of intention and thought, I often simply cannot fathom doing what I need or want to accomplish. I say, “How am I going to get this? I’m literally stumped. I can’t imagine every doing X.” It’s not that I don’t believe myself either, it’s just that it seems literally impossible in the moment.

It’s not a good feeling.

Yet, we all go through it. It actually has to happen before the click can.

double-undersThe other day I was struggling through a warm-up at Crossfit that involved double-unders, gearing up for the workout (WOD). Double-unders involve getting the rope under your feet twice each time you jump in the air and require agility and focus.


While practicing, I realized I was getting a little better than last time. I realized I could modify the workout (a great thing about Crossfit) to get those double-unders but in a smaller amount than the total required (e.g. instead of 50, I did 25 and next round 15 instead of 30 and so forth). I always did singles in jump-rope WOD’s but realized, if I didn’t try double-unders in a real WOD, I would never get to doing them period. So I went with it. And that itself, was a step forward knowing I was signing up for more of a challenge.

I was the last to finish.

It required a lot more concentration and I was extremely frustrated the entire time (not unusual). However, when I finished I realized I got 5 double-unders in a row (my most in a row) and accomplished well over 55 double-unders (this was just a component of the workout).

I got through it doing a few in a row, messed up, then started again, did one, then a few singles, then one again – slow but steady and really awkward.

As I left to go home, I had a bit of an epiphany.

A few months ago, I couldn’t even do one double-under. It’s a long process. But I realized that all of a sudden when you get it, it just clicks. You go from not able, to able, and it can be in a moment of seconds.

Although I didn’t have full actualization of completing this physically and mentally difficult activity, I got a step closer and that step closer made me realize that clicking feeling was not too far off.

Have you ever had it click just right? It doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come without hard work, but when it clicks, it just clicks.

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