When It Hits the Brain, It Feels So Good

When inspiration* hits me it’s like a full on explosion in my brain and heart. I can’t ignore it. My fingers start to tingle and the synapses in my brain go off in a million different directions. I also start to grin, to myself.

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You can imagine me now, right? Naturally, I have to go with it and I don’t stop until I’m done.

Here’s what I run with when I’m hit with the inspiration train:

  • Always keep a journal/paper/notebook on you. This means even if you’re in the middle of a board meeting,¬† at work, or you’re asleep, you have a moment and the option to jot down the idea. Sometimes inspiration is fleeting and that very moment, can be crucial.
  • Run with it. It’s Midnight – I have to work early the next morning and my eyelids are heavy but I have a blog post that is brewing and I can’t stop writing until it’s finished. These are always my best even when it came from an inopportune time. Furthermore, I can actually pride myself by acting on my inspiration and not ignoring it (e.g. moving to Boulder, creating five internships in college, collaborating on this series, spontaneous trips to the mountain, etc.)
  • After running with it, remember to stew it. Sometimes the inspiration comes in such a wave I don’t have time to think it through. This can be good and sometimes bad. Inspiration is organic and in its true form, raw. However, to execute the inspiration it often needs to be fine tuned. This may take time, that’s okay.
  • Keep your inspiration(s) in one place. I have journals with ideas, songs, titles, people, companies I want to start, doodles with notes¬† and tear stains in the margin kept in a special drawer in my room. I go back to them as a source of inspiration and a reminder of what I’ve had and potentially, what still might be there.
  • Don’t ignore inspiration. I hear so many people say they have great ideas in the shower or as they’re drifting off to bed, then they don’t do anything. I really believe it comes for a reason and that it shouldn’t be ignored. Sure, you can say if it was important I will remember it later (definitely can be true) but why wait?

Shit, with life in general, why wait?

How do you store, use and execute your inspirations?

*Inspiration is just one of those overused, annoying words. Forgive me, at least I footnote it, right?

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