Guest Posts

Guest Blog Posts I’ve Written:

I write on topics covering gender, generations, customer service, startups, technology and career. If you’re interested in my writing, please contact me here.

Elephant Journal: Grace Boyle and her Fantastic Journey Between Green and Tech

Life Without Pants Blog: The Inconvenience of Change Series, “We Are Creatures of Habit”

That’s All I Have to Say About That: Dare To Be Great Series (Part 1)

Poorer Than You: Moving Series: I’ve Moved, Now What?

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: Appreciation Revolution, The Gratitude List: An Excercise to Excercise Appreciation In Your Life

Talking About Generations: Letting Go: Bringing Generations Together In the Workplace

The Curbside Marketer: Dare to Be Great Series (Contributor)

Who’s Your Gladys?: Grace Boyle Offers Heavy Hitting Reasons to Spend More Time Listening Than Talking

Justice For All: Be the Change Series: Empowering Women Through Microfinance

Gen Y National Examiner: Gen Y Gives Thanks Series: Freedom To Make Our Own Choices

The Spinks Blog: Social Media Has No Borders

How-to-Blog: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging (guest post for employer)

Brazen Careerist, Featured Post: Stop Trying to Fit In

Talking About Generations: Generation Y Finds Harmony With Their Boomer Parents

What Would She Do?: #18 in the series, interviewing 365 women over 365 days. The mission: “You are responsible for creating an organization in which people offer their greatest gifts. Describe it.” My post is here.

Lost In Cheeseland: The Importance of Traveling (Spontaneity)

Ophelia’s Webb: All You Need seriesLove Your Self

25 & Trying: There Is No “The-End” In Passion

Talking About Generations: The U.S. Census’ Marketing Doesn’t Impress Generation Y

The Elephant Journal: The Wellness Initiative’s First Annual Yogathon (An organization I also volunteer with)

Contributor: Colin Wright’s eBook, Networking Awesomely: eBook can be bought here.

Benjamin T. Wilcox: Must Love Traveling

iGrad: Internship to Career: Making Them Want To Hire You

The Know, KSV Company Blog: Tales From Interns Past: Grace Boyle

Mini-Documentary: Digital Literacy: Decade2 (video, featured)

Brazen Careerist Video Contribution, Rock Your Career: Grace Boyle on “Job Descriptions” (video)

Wanto Company Blog: Social Media’s Street Cred: Holding You Accountable

Who’s Your Gladys: A Positive Story of Online Customer Support

Gen Pink: Top 10 Ways to De-Stress (December series, Top 10 Lists) Take Big Leaps Forward (January series, What’s It Your Year To Do?)

Brazen Careerist: The Absolute Best Advice For Starting a Blog (Participated in online Network Roulette as blog mentor to new bloggers)

Corn on the Job: Engulfed In Your Career Or Job Search? Unplug.

Appolicious: Guest Post: Review of Foodspotting’s New Android App

Trada Company Blog: How to Market Your Business – Twitter

iGrad: Green Living: Our World/Your Wallet: 10 Tips For Money-Saving Sustainability