Who cares why the elephant is standing on your foot? Just get him off.

So much of our time is spent talking about why we are, Fjallraven Kanken Big UK where we are. new balance bambino offerte We lament about the windy,

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  • difficult path that led us to this exact (frustrating) moment.

    I know, Clay Matthews Packers Jerseys I do it too.

    As Danielle LaPorte so eloquently shared, “too much analysis creates paralysis.”

    Her insight to getting “unstuck” just really resonates because we care to talk about the stuck piece so much, Sacramento Kings instead of just putting all our energy to the place we need to get to and shift to. Canotte nba swingman Get unstuck,

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    Women We Stand

    A lot of my time is spent online. I’ve spent many years, cataloging my favorite stories I’ve run into. Canotte nba swingman As a writer myself, I’m enamored by the words of intelligent minds.

    Recently, I uncovered some of my favorite articles on gender, women, and inspiration (my own thematic tagging) and I felt compelled to share them here.

    “I can say this: I didn’t need a broken man to repair me. nike blazer low damskie I needed a whole man who believed in repair.” –New York Times. Modern Love; Healing Sought (Bring Your Own Magic).

    “There are two things that set me apart from the vast majority of my friends.

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  • Or I used to think so, and it made me feel badly.

    Now I know we’re all special. We all have our own scars, our own hopes, and our own plans, as particular to us as our fingerprints, whatever others might assume to be true. What I thought was happening around me was only the shallow water in the pool.

    There are a million quiet stories being written every day.” -Meg Fowler. I Guess That Makes Me Special.

    “We’re still a long way from a gender-egalitarian marital utopia, but traditional marriage is blessedly deceased. With its demise has come a new marriage model that is by nearly every measure better for men, women and children, and is hopefully continuing to improve.” -The Guardian. Traditional marriage is dead. Let’s celebrate.

    I want the strongest, happiest, smartest women in my corner, pushing me to negotiate for more money, telling me to drop men who make me feel bad about myself, and responding to my outfit selfies from a place of love and stylishness, not competition and body-snarking. True confidence is infectious. adidas pure boost hombreThe Cut. Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends


    “There is no retreating from the hookup culture to an earlier age, when a young man showed up at the front door with a box of chocolates for his sweetheart, and her father eyed him warily. Even the women most frustrated by the hookup culture don’t really want that. The hookup culture is too bound up with everything that’s fabulous about being a young woman in 2012—the freedom, the confidence, the knowledge that you can always depend on yourself. adidas tubular donna The only option is what Hannah’s friends always tell her—stop doing what feels awful, and figure out what doesn’t.

    Young men and women have discovered a sexual freedom unbridled by the conventions of marriage, or any conventions. But that’s not how the story ends. They will need time, as one young woman at Yale told me, to figure out what they want and how to ask for it. Ultimately, the desire for a deeper human connection always wins out, for both men and women. Tennis Nike Even for those business-school women, their hookup years are likely to end up as a series of photographs, buried somewhere on their Facebook page, that they do or don’t share with their husband—a memory that they recall fondly or sourly, but that hardly defines them.” -The Atlantic. Boys On the Side.

    “Other than that? You have to be optimistic, be patient, write down everything you’re grateful for every night, and remember that you will look back on this time as one of the most important times of your life. You’ll look back and feel really proud of how you conducted yourself, how strong you stayed in the face of your loneliness, and how much you appreciated what you had.

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  • It’s true that you could be in this place for 2 years or 12 years, and even so, you will look back and feel good about it if you play your cards right. It’s amazing to have your own business and your own place and your own cat. nike italia You are living the good life, for sure, and while it’s great that you’re open to finding love (which takes its own kind of effort) nothing that happens on that front should undermine how satisfying and hard-won your happiness is right now. You have to believe in your life and romanticize it as much as you can. Remind yourself to feel proud of what you’ve built, and what you’ve overcome, every single day. And feel proud of your flaws and your loneliness and your big heart, too. It’s ok to feel vulnerable about wanting love and not finding it. That vulnerability will lead you to good places, even when it feels like it’ll topple your apple cart. You don’t have to be perfect. Let yourself be a little weird, a little uncertain, a little brash. Let yourself get a little messier. Let your seams show. Be proud of your broken pieces. They’re the best part of you.

    Don’t speed through these days to get to the good part. This IS the good part. Savor it.” -The AWL. Ask Polly: I’m 33 and Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

    “Sometimes it feels good to reject cultural notions of femininity and take up residence on a strange earth and live among the Others—to be told that for a while, you were that sort of girl, the one all the men wanted, admired, and desired, and could never quite grab hold of. A mirror that telegraphed back their values, but beautiful.

    But that girl also grows up and learns it’s better to be real than cool. And without suggesting that the end result for everyone is to pair off and settle down, most people do mellow with age. And they do settle, just more easily into their own complexities, more easily into something less prone to typecasting.

    Which is probably why I don’t know a single woman in her thirties, forties or beyond who is at all like the Cool Girls I knew in my twenties or still see from a distance. At this age, they are serious and fun. Aaron Murray UGA Jersey Masculine and feminine. Simple and complicated. Transparent and elusive. You know, just people.” –Jezebel. The ‘Cool Girl’ Is Not Fiction, But a Phase.

    “You should enjoy this part of your life, not as a preparatory stage, but as something that is just fun in and of itself.” In other words, your “real life” doesn’t begin when you meet a partner. nike air max 2016 online It’s happening right now.

    Besides, repeated studies have found that the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to marry, and the older she marries, the less likely she’ll be to divorce—so statistically speaking, if you want to get married, you most likely will. And before you know it, car pools and nut allergies will become your dinner conversation staples. Then you’ll look back on your single years as one of the most adventurous times of your life, when you had no excuse to do anything but be yourself to the fullest.

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    How you walk through the fire

    Oh what a month January has been. Asics Tiger damskie It has been rough. What a start to 2014.

    Devoid of all the draining details of why, my brain has been a pile of mush and many things in my life has been suffering because of it.

    I was running a quick errand in the middle of my work week and in my spaced out state, I was looking for a parking spot in a cramped, busy plaza center in Boulder.

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  • I saw a spot last minute and as I was making my turn into a parking spot, I heard that awful grinding sound as my car made contact with the parked car next to me.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    One woman walked by me with the, “Ooh, ouch. Feel bad for you,” face and I got out and looked at the damage. goedkoop nike air max 2016 It wasn’t that much, I had clipped the car and the front of my car had little to no damage. I looked around desperately. Chaussures ASICS Gel Glorify pour Femme There was no one else around and I couldn’t go into each store looking for the owner, as I was headed to an appointment. Asics Hombre Flustered I wrote a note, blinking back tears, and stuck it in the car’s dashboard.

    I hadn’t heard anything and I thought, maybe I’m “lucky” and the note flew away in the wind. Nike Air Max 2016 Norge Nettbutikk Then I realized, that isn’t luck for that person’s car. I just couldn’t handle another setback, another failure, another pile to what I’ve experienced.

    Then I got a call from their insurance agent and basically went through the motions. Michael Wacha Jersey I’ve never hit a car or been in a car accident and like to think of myself as a good driver. scarpe nike bambino estive Then when I’m parking, I hit a PARKED car.

    I basically have accepted it, as another thing to just deal with and these are the reasons we have insurance, right? Also, at the end of the day, it’s not that big of a deal. acquisto on line scarpe new balance Just piling it on top of all the difficult things that have been going on, it feels worse though.

    At the end of the day the insurance company was in touch, I received an email rom the person (they did everything through insurance, so I didn’t even know whose car I had hit). It was short and simple and actually, just made me smile (even though I’m the one screwed here).

    Hi Grace,

    Just want to thank you for leaving all the info, I appreciate that very much
    ____________ will be taking care of the issue .

    Thanks again for your honesty.

    I’ve been victim of a hit and run and incurred the costs myself, so I’ve been on both sides.

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    Don’t Bully My Breed

    I’m a big dog lover. Really, all animals.

    I grew up with a dog, a horse, two cats and many little “starter” pets like hamsters and turtles (not necessarily in that order or all at once).

    In particular with the horse and dog, they’re so human to me and there were many times I preferred their company to humans. They are comforting and in most cases, want to please you so much through love and respect. It’s only natural that we provide that goodness back to them.

    Three years ago we rescued Cerna (Czech for the color “black”), from Humane Society of Boulder Valley. I’m so happy to support a great organization like that and in a world where there are so many unloved and unwanted animals, to take one off the streets (he was found on the streets of Pueblo, CO as a puppy) warms my heart.

    Cerna is a lab-pitbull mix (from what we garner). He’s all black, with a few white pops on his toes. He has warm golden eyes, an earnest face , loves giving kisses and has a kind heart. He’s pretty epic at frisbee and fetch and in the Summer, likes hopping in the creek behind our place. He likes snuggling in bed in the morning, when he’s most tired (see below). He wouldn’t hurt a fly (nor has he).


    Pitbulls, are largely a misunderstood breed. I can understand why. There has been violence from them in the past and there’s media frenzy with fighting rings and celebrities, creating horrible reputations from them. People feed on that even if there’s unjust or non-truth. But it’s not often looked at as holistic. You’re given a label then people just assume it is what it is, and not look at the whole picture or even the facts.

    On that note, the deed should be reprimanded by all means. Punish the deed, not the breed. If there’s a dog attack or something fatal, look at the owner and circumstance – the answer will likely be there and should be dealt with because to be clear, this is by no means minimizing dog attacks or bites.

    But pitbulls are not aggressive by nature. Studies by the Center for Disease Control have proven that no one breed of dog is inherently vicious. The CDC supports the position that irresponsible owners, NOT breed, is the number one cause of dog bites.

    Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 10.37.03 AM

    Furthermore, pitbulls are no more vicious than Golden Retrievers, Beagles, or other popular “family” dogs. In a recent testing done by The American Canine Temperament Testing Society (ATT), pit bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9%, passing 4th from the highest of 122 breeds. That’s better than Beagles, passing at 78.2 and Golden Retrievers passing at 83.2%.  The average passing rate for ALL breeds is 77%.

    Pitbulls as a breed{Via Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue}

    The UK banned a variety of dog breeds including pit bulls and what do you think happened to the number of dog bites reported in the UK after the ban? They stayed exactly the same. Another responsible dog owner thing? 97% of dogs that do bite people are not neutered or spayed. This is important in protecting your animal and yourself.

    A lot of times you hear that pitbulls have “locking” jaws so they’re more dangerous. That’s entirely untrue. There is no dog that has locking jaws. Dr. Howard Evans, Professor Emeritus, at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University shares, “I have spoken with [Dr.] Sandy deLahunta (the foremost dog neurologist in the country) and [DR.] Katherine Houpt (a leading dog behaviorist) about a jaw locking mechanism in pit bulls or any other dog and they both say, as do I, that there is NO SUCH THING AS “JAW LOCKING” IN ANY BREED.” It’s yet another media blitz blown out of proportion.

    We can’t even bring Cerna to Denver when we go visit friends or their dogs, as there are city-wide bans on a breed and Denver is one of them. That means we could also never live there. City-wide legislation against a breed is ridiculous. It’s like limiting a certain type of person in a city (well, almost).

    Don’t bully my breed.

    Dont bully my breed

    As you can tell, I’m passionate about the topic. Our dog is a mix and to most people, probably doesn’t even look like a bully breed (he’s so black lab looking). But there’s a great misunderstanding and it’s not going to be solved over night.

    It feels funny to be judged and discriminated by our sweet, softy of a dog by landlords, cities, people, etc. We all have our judgments and I respect each person’s decision it’s just hard to imagine the repercussions here for a breed that’s so largely misunderstood where what I see from the pitbulls in my life, is nothing but love, loyalty and good hearts.

    All I know is that I’ll provide a good example as a responsible dog owner and Cerna being an obedient, loving and happy dog. You can take baby steps and at least affect what you can control. Ill also continue to support the cause to create better owners, mandates and support for breed specific legislature.

    Learn more and educate at Pit Bull Rescue Central: http://www.pbrc.net/




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    My Favorite Reads of 2013

    I read 27 books in 2013 – about 2.5 books a month. I wasn’t trying for any number, but thanks to Good Reads they just reminded me. Chaussures Under Armour Pas Cher Reading is my solace and if I could, I would have read double this number but you know, excuses…

    As the year wraps up, I wanted to share some of my favorite reads of 2013. Fjällräven Kånken Ryggsäck Sverige Some of these are old books and some were written this year. Texas A&M Aggies In no particular order.

    The Namesake and The Lowland by

    I discovered Lahiri this year and love her carefully crafted storytelling. Her books albeit slow moving, paint details that make the characters come to life. The books are thoughtful, but even without action jumping off the page, I turn through her pages swiftly. With her Indian background (Bengali specifically) both The Namesake and The Lowland (different stories entirely) focus on families, tragedy, culture, transition and generational change of two Indian families. I really cherished both books. I see The Lowland on many “Best of 2013” book lists this year too.

    And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

    I was able to see Afghanistan born, Hosseini when I was a freshman in college. nike air max 2016 blauw He visited my college and spoke about his famed book, The Kite Runner. His latest book, published in 2013, And the Mountains Echoed takes a deep look at families and the ties that bind us together. It hops from character to character, showing the web they weave spanning from Kabul, to Paris, to San Francisco, to the Green island of Tinos. Filled with emotion and beauty, the story reminded me of the movie Crash – how everyone was eventually intertwined together, regardless of race, family or birth.

    Empire Falls by Richard Russo

    This is my first Richard Russo book, and since, I’ve picked up a few more of his to start. New England has a special place in my heart, and this takes place in Maine in a small, blue-collar mill town. It tells the story of a sad recently-divorced Miles Roby, his trying work at the Empire Grill for 20 years. It uncovers what he has lost (and gained) along the way. It’s a great American story that covers grace, heartache, loss and even has slight turns of mystery.

    I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb

    An intertwining tale of two twin brothers, one with schizophrenia, the other bound to his twin with love and brotherly devotion but also through guilt. From the book itself: “When you’re the sane brother of a schizophrenic identical twin, the tricky thing about saving yourself is the blood it leaves on your hands — the little inconvenience of the look-alike corpse at your feet. And if you’re into both survival of the fittest and being your brother’s keeper — if you’ve promised your dying mother — then say so long to sleep and hello to the middle of the night.” It covers the course of their lives, diversions, mental illness, truth, and what it means to really be alive.

  • It’s a very human book and although with many pages it can be daunting, I never wanted this book to end.

    Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

    This was a quirky book that was lighthearted and enjoyable to read. adidas schoenen It tells the story of Bernadette Fox, who is a wife and mother, but clearly has unique opinions, is allergic to most people and has a past that is covered and hidden. When she disappears, her daughter Bee pieces together documents and emails to find her mother in an absurd chase to the end. With an odd twist of events, you’re delighted to follow the story straight through the end.

    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

    Largely taking place in the wild Amazon, Dr. nike tn requin pas cher Marina Singh embarks on a journey to find her mentor and friend Dr. Canotte Atlanta Hawks Annick Swenson, who mysteriously disappeared while working on a new drug. Not believing his disappearance, she’s on mission for his family but also for herself as she finds beauty and wonder in the tribe she spends her time with. It’s an interesting read and I haven’t quite read a book like it. You’re also left surprised at the end, which I love.

    The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

    This is a great winter read. It takes place in Alaska in the 1920’s on a couple’s dreary, cold homestead farm. The couple is childless and one night, a mysterious young girl appears after they built a snow child in a snow storm. With hints of fairy tale magic, the couple come to love the girl as their own daughter but understand she isn’t quite of this world as she comes from the woods.

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    5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

    1. Sorry, I can’t help but giggle whenever I watch this ad.
    2. I’m so intrigued by this article of 40 inspiring workspaces of the famously creative. nike air max 90 hombre Some are drab and dirty, some are epic and beautiful and it really speaks to who that person was. air max homme pas cher I particularly love Nigella Lawson’s (food writer) space filled with books shelves that are sky high!
    3. My Ginger Essence fragrance from Origin. This is incredibly soothing, but has this burst of ginger flavor that is sweet and not sharp as it might be if you sniffed ginger root itself.
    4. air max 2017 grigio uomo
    5. Everyone always asks me what it is and I’ve never enjoyed smelling my wrists so much.

    6. My dear friend Rebecca’s new blog, Bourbon Beauty which uncovers all of her beauty, health and wellness tips, products and secrets. I’m not joking, that I’ve ordered almost everything she has mentioned on the blog and loved every product I’ve ordered.
    7. Air Max 90 Donna Nere
    8. She is so committed to natural and wellness that I trust her judgment so much. fjällräven kånken Mini I’m sure you will too.

    9. Egg, Avocado and Toast. Finally, The Man and I have started making breakfast a little more regularly before we both jet off to work in the morning. Under Armour Curry One Pas Cher With me doing Crossfit and him at Jiujitsu so regularly, skipping breakfast isn’t a good option. nike cortez 90s We’ve found a breakfast we love that is healthy, but quick. adidas gazelle hombre It’s two eggs (runny, scrambled, fried hard, etc.), over whole wheat toast that has avocado smoothed across it. adidas gazelle I like a little siracha on top, too. I get that protein from the egg, the good fats from the avocado and it’s done in 6 bites.
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    General (Business) Etiquette

    These are just a few random rumblings that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now. I know we all have different values and needs, but I find it somewhat outlandish when people just “assume” all the above and don’t consider others in the process.

    • Before making an introduction between two people, ask that person who is the “helper” FIRST. This is the opt-in process. The, “Want to make sure you’re cool with this” and/or “Have the time and capacity to help this person/potentially a stranger to you?” It’s a common courtesy. Canotta Oklahoma City Thunder It also gives them the heads up and context. goedkoop air max 2017 A cold introduction between two people catches the “helper” off guard and obligates them or puts them in an uncomfortable place. I’m sure it happens innocently and it’s out of the goodness of wanting to help, but considering the other person’s time, bandwidth and potentially how many times a week they may get these “intros for help” is important.
    • Related – When/if you are asking for help from someone and you schedule something like to meet for drinks, coffee, etc. nike air max 2016 goedkoop it is thoughtful and just to offer to pay for said drink/coffee. They’re taking time out of their busy day, to speak with you and offer you guidance or help (for free). Honestly, even if it was my best friend helping me I would offer to buy her coffee because it’s a give and take mentality and especially if it were a stranger that was doing it out of the goodness of their heart. Adidas ZX Flux Heren It’s the least you can do for this person. nike air max 2017 grijs It’s just good to do.
    • Be clear in what you’re asking for. This doesn’t have to do with the above mentioned, but does relate. Whether you’re pitching people, asking for help, etc. the call to action should be clear. Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 Sometimes I find myself bumbling along and not being clear in what I need. buy albion silver That not only screws me, but the other person I am asking doesn’t have a clear line of action to follow. Being succinct, also helps.
    • Hold the door. I don’t care how much of a rush you’re in, it simply won’t hurt you to hold back a bit and hold open the door for the person behind you. It’s such a simple gesture, but in this day and age, it doesn’t hurt to look out for one another. Start with the simple pieces, hold the door so it doesn’t slam in their face as you scurry on your way.
    • Putting someone on an e-mail list they didn’t somehow opt into (there are some fine lines here in the business world) but what’s worse, is NOT having an unsubscribe button. There are a number of just straight emails where I’m BCC’d and I’m on a list. I was never asked to be on that group personal email list but it’s weird to respond to that person and ask them to remove me from their list because they are a friend, I’m just not their target or I’m trying to clean up my inbox.
    • Nike Air Max 90 Rosso Uomo
    • Nothing personal.

    • Please have an unsubscribe or easy opt-in in all e-mail communication. It’s common courtesy and a best practice in marketing. Also, when you unsubscribe and they tell you it is “being processed” then a few days later you get another email from them, is no bueno.

    • Be on time. Should I say more? Probably not. Usually a good idea to be on time for meetings or calls.
    • Don’t have a meeting for the sake of meeting. new balance 574 damskie kolorowe I think so much can be accomplished without long, droning on meetings. They are necessary to gather the right people, but can be succinct and finalized, so everyone can actually do instead of sitting around. A day filled with meetings gets you nowhere.

    I don’t mean to complain, but they’re just things I feel strongly about.

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    Fighting The Right Battle(s)

    As you might have heard, Colorado, specifically the Front Range has had some horrible flooding; a “biblical” flood. Last week I was on a work trip in Cleveland and I watched nervously from afar as we were headed back to fly in Thursday (where it came to a head). nike italy milano Our place is right on the creek, at the mouth of the Canyon and against the mountains – essentially ground zero for Boulder’s flooding area.


    I refreshed Twitter madly on the airplane WiFi and felt helpless strapped into my seat, hearing about the water rising and the amount of rain we had already received (unheard of, we’re usually hoping for rain in dry fire-ridden Colorado). It’s a 0.1% probability of such a rainstorm occurring in any given year in Boulder County. Garrett Richards Baseball Jersey This is the biggest air rescue since Katrina. It’s for real.

    Boulder 100 Year Flood

    I drove in alone from the airport, watching the wall of black against the mountains as I headed in to Boulder from the Denver airport. Cheap Nike shoes UK I only hydroplaned a few times and stopped at a friends place who was safe from flooding. I finally arranged for a neighbor to come and get me in a truck. It wasn’t possible for me to drive into our place, as the roads were already becoming rivers.

    They had been manning our street, setting up barriers, diverting the flood water coming from all areas toward our complex. It looked like a third-world country when you got to our street and the water kept rising. Yadier Molina Womens Jersey A river of water was madly rushing where our driveway was, headed straight for the creek and through our side yard a steady stream hadn’t stopped flowing for a day.

    We were on the second floor, so we were housing neighbors on the first floor. adidas tubular donna Half of which already began flooding.

    Long story short – it was a scary 48 hours. We were up all night Thursday, unable to sleep and finally trekked to the third floor due to evacuation notices (we weren’t going to leave on foot as they suggested). We are lucky and much better off than many others. Our place is personally dry and we were able to finally leave Saturday as our road opened up.

    I’ve been evacuated before amidst a national disaster (fire and flood warning in the past here in Boulder) and written about it here where you have to gather up the few things that are important and depart with a hopeful heart. As I put it: Where happiness exists and knowing that things are just things; so I’ve been there. I have found that the best and worst come out in people in disasters such as these.

  • Nike Air Max 90 Blu Uomo
  • It’s inspiring to see people coming together, sharing, helping and doing whatever it takes for your neighbors and loved ones. People also lose their shit, but I understand why. It’s shattering and uneasy.

    It reminds you that in the scheme of things, a lot of things don’t really matter. Garrett Richards Jersey For instance, it drives me mad that James insists on wheeling in his bicycle into our small apartment. He leaves it right in the main entry way and in the kitchen. It takes up space, it is covered in mud from being ridden to and from work and aesthetically, I’m not into it. We don’t have a garage or basement, otherwise, bike inside is no big deal. We just don’t have a ton of space.

    We have a private porch with bike racks and bike racks around our complex. asics gel lyte 3 donna I keep mine on our porch locked up. All of a sudden, he doesn’t want to do that and his lock doesn’t work that way. It’s a newer bike so he keeps it inside.

    It’s stupid really. new balance 1400 femme And compromising is important. We’ve finally agreed, if you insist on having it inside, that he can wheel it into the guest room so it’s out of the way and not an eye sore.

    You know these little things that just bug you. You know they aren’t a big deal but it just gets under my skin. It’s a little thing. After all this, going through this together and the fear and rising water and being stuck in our place for three days, it just doesn’t matter. It’s worth letting these things go. After all, hundreds of people have lost their entire homes, lives have been lost, and some people are still stuck out there.

    It’s about a paradigm shift and just realigning your priorities to what really matters.

  • The bicycle? Really small detail in the big picture.

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