Reverb10 – A Community That Keeps Me Intact

2010 December 7
by Grace Boyle

This is day seven in the month long #Reverb10 that I am participating in (along with hundreds of others). Each day I will be either posting here, tweeting or Tumblr-ing my answer to the prompt in order to reflect and manifest for the future. You can read all my Reverb10 posts here.

Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? Via my wonderful friend, Cali Harris.

First, let me say that community is my thang. I purposely live in cities and towns that cultivate community. There is a feeling of wrapping you up in “their” arms, lifting you up, helping each other, inclusiveness and smiles abound. There is a presence of equality floating through the air.

I love community. I love learning about communities. I am from a small town where everyone knows your name, where farmers market is twice a week (all year round) because we love supporting local and the economy and truly, I wasn’t just raised by my parents but also by friends parents, teachers and coaches.

I have discovered a reoccurring community here on my blog. For over two years, I step up to the keyboard, I write and at the end of the post ya’ll are there to greet me, to challenge me, to support me, to say hello or just read the words I have shared with you. Eternal gratitude for you. Yes, you and this community.

I have also discovered community, more than ever, this year in Boulder (offline). I have friends that are my straight up family. It used to be, my first year here, I barely knew anyone. I wasn’t sure who to call on Saturday morning to join me for brunch. Often, I went alone (which by the way, there is nothing wrong with). When times were rough, I would cry alone, weeping in my heartache because I wasn’t sure who would want to sit by my side. I didn’t have a community…yet.

But now, into my third winter here in Boulder I have a community: A barrista that knows my name. Friends that get together more than weekly over food, wine, laughter, joys and sorrows. A job where I come into the office and can talk about my family, my sore knee or the show I saw last night and everyone remembers and knows each others lives and passions. To have a long list of people who are willing to help, if I were ever in a pinch is a blessing. A true blessing. I know, because I once had an empty list…

In 2011, I wish to cultivate and connect with more of the foodie community (offline and online). I’m fascinated, talking to chefs, food bloggers and writers and even other people who love food. I want to share ideas, learn from them and grow into my food blog. It’s in the works, the first few months works, and it’s a new “crew” so I’m learning the ropes and I love the challenge.

Where is your community? Who is your community? What do you love about them/it/him/her?

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  • Habbala

    I love that you guys get together for potluck Sundays. It makes me want to take Ashley up on her offer and move in with her!

  • Grace Boyle

    YOU SHOULD! It is such an amazing thing and potlucks help especially when everyone is such a damn good cook :)

  • Allison Blass

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think one thing that was really hard for me was that I moved to a town that didn’t cultivate community. I definitely think I am going to keep that in mind the next time I move.

  • Grace Boyle

    You’re welcome! It does take work…sometimes I felt hopeless because I wasn’t sure HOW to cultivate community.

    The one piece of advice I have is to go toward people who love what you do. And really the Diabetes group is a great one. They are like-minded to you and experience something similar. Even if it’s a small hobby, or meeting friends at a gym (if you like fitness) or yoga or at a great coffee shop because you love writing and coffee, etc.

    Good luck :)

  • Cali Harris

    How is it that I STILL have not made it to a potluck Sunday?!?! :)

    A community takes time. A (new) friend of mine that recently moved to Boulder called me one night, expressing how frustrated she was that people weren’t following through on their commitments to hang out, weren’t calling back, etc. A day or so later, she realized that she was expecting to have the same community she’d left behind in her home state. And while she’ll no doubt build a community in Boulder (like you said — it’s a HUB for community!), it will take time to do so. She and I talked about what friendship and community really looks like — and how much work it takes to establish. Fortunately, it’s the _good_ kind of work. :)

    So happy that we share community, missy. <3 Big love.

  • admin

    Aw, Cali dear. Thank you! You must come to a Potluck, you’re always welcome. Thanks for doing all of this and for being such a supporter xo