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Just Try Something Different

Seatbelts click. Chairs squeak as people adjust their position. The dull mumble of small talk floats through the airplane. Phones power down. I’m absorbed in my latest book, ignoring everyone around me. Sidenote: My first plane ride was before my … Continue reading

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Spend More Time Listening Than Talking

Note: This is a guest post I wrote for Who’s Your Gladys, a fantastic customer service blogĀ  and book (which is being released on September 15th). You can find the book here on Amazon authored by Marilyn Suttle and Lori … Continue reading

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What If Your Company Had an In-house Smile Detector?

Tokyo‘s Keihin Express Railway Company has one to measure its staff’s smiles. Employees of the railway are required to smile into a camera and have their smile and facial structure analyzed by software to detect their happiness. The device analyzes … Continue reading

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I Want to Hug Alice.com

It’s like Alice is my friend. She has a great personality. She helps me shop, she’s organized, I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house and all my favorite household products are delivered to my doorstep. Did I … Continue reading

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The Humble Product Review

Samsung began to hear complaints that the speaker on the side of their flat-panel TV was too wide for many customers’ entertainment sets. Consumer product reviews were buzzing around the web. Samsung listened and redesigned the product to hide the … Continue reading

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